A bit about me….


I thought I would take this chance to introduce myself to you all and to tell you a bit about why i have taken the plunge and set up my blog.

My name is Keya and I am 28 years old, due to be 29 in a few months time – wow how time flies when you are having fun.

I lead a very active life filled with family/ friends and i am a keen sports enthusiast.

Ever since I was a little girl, i have always had a passion for all things to do with fashion and I was always that girl at school who dressed in what made me happy and not what was the latest trend. When i reached the age of having to decide what university i wanted to attend, my form tutor had not finished the end of the sentence before i shrieked – “I want to go to London College of Fashion”. Long story short i sadly did not get a place. Although my studying dream ended there, my love of the industry has never waned.

i am so proud that my closest friends and family ask my opinion with putting together outfits for special occasions or ask me to help them shop – what is not to love about picking new things without having to impart any money!

I hope to share some of my thoughts on this blog about the latest fashion trends, key wardrobe pieces that every woman’s wardrobe should contain and also giving my opinion of the fashion weeks around the world.

I hope you enjoy the read, i would love to hear from you

many thanks

Keya x

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