Trend vs Classic – the debate

Good evening my charmingly chic people,

Today’s post I thought I would tackle the age old debate of whether it’s best to follow current trends versus buying classic pieces.

I, like most young women await eagerly the sound of my Vogue or Instyle magazine subscription falling on the hallway floor through the letter box each month. I leaf laboriously from cover to cover educating myself about the “trend” or the “look” of the season with a mixture of disbelief or love in my eyes depending on what is deemed cutting edge and in fashion.

A few of the previous trends which I loved over past seasons were firstly the masculine, adrogynous look for women – taking wearing your boyfriends white shirt with your baggy jeans to another level of head to toe tailored tuxedos and lace up brogues. That look I always resort back to when I am dressing myself for nights out in shoreditch hotspots or dinner dates with my friends because it suits my body shape and I always feel a bit edgier then in your fail safe jeans, heels and a nice top. Don’t get me wrong, I love a stilletto heel like the rest of us ladies but wow wearing flats on a night out is both liberating and saves countless emergency trips to the nearest Tesco express for plasters mid way through your dance off in a club! I also really loved the sailor/nautical inspired trend which reminds me of lazy strolls on summer evenings after work with my Breton striped t shirt, chinos and pumps on.

Some of the trends that I never bought into was firstly the leggings look. Mainly because I think I have been so traumatised seeing women out in either a completely see through version where VPL is an understatement or they are just so washed out that a once black pair now look grey with a hint of elastic exposing itself from the ready to burst seams. Also the fluoro trend I think should be banished to either a 80s themed fancy dress party or a charity spinathon personally.

Even though I like to keep on top of the current trends, as I have got older I definitely think I prefer to invest in key classic items that may cost a bit extra than your high street version but will last forever and also never go out of fashion. My favourite classic pieces I own are my Chanel handbag collection, 

my luxury shoe emporium (Valentino came as my date to the below New Years Eve party), my one of a kind timepieces and also my trusty Burberry trench coat comes out every year without fail. 

I believe in the adage of quality over quantity when it comes to owning elegant, timeless items which can be mix and matched with ease (although perhaps not in the case of shoes which I have countless pairs of) 😊 I am a red blooded women after all…

Until next week, 

Keya x

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