Vogue – the homage 

Good morning my wonderful media moguls,

I thought for this post I would dedicate it to my all time favourite magazine, the vivacious Vogue and how it helped get me to where I am today.

Even before I was old enough to earn my own pocket money, I recall going into the supermarket or newsagents as a child, staring longingly up at the magazines on their stands, glossy haired celebrities or models gracing the covers. Usually my parents, having seen my attention transfixed and my eyes glazed would buy one for me. I would be bursting at the seams in anticipation of getting home so I could immerse myself in its pages. I am to this day, the only person I know to read a magazine literally from cover to cover, spending precious moments on each advert and article. I even mark pages that I especially adore so I can come back to those again at the end – I secretly do not want the visionary experience to end.

I still remember as if it was yesterday, the first time I ever laid eyes on a cover of Vogue. I was a young, spritely teen who loved my Moschino jeans, boho summer dresses and parachute combat trousers – (wow I am sure we all can still recall the huge selection of colours they were available in when we were at school). I was working at the time in a local hotel as a waitress and with my salary I could not wait until Tuesday to go to my nearest newsagent and purchase my magazine for the week. One Tuesday, amongst the usual gossip weeklies was this magazine called Vogue. It was the size of a coffee table memoir, had the most beautiful cover illustration and at that moment I knew I had to own it. Each month like clock work I have bought that magazine. I can truly say that is where my TRUE love affair with Fashion began and I have never looked back 🙂

In the next few years, when the dreaded question in year 11 was ” What do you want to do when you leave school?” arose, I did not even have to think about it, I knew I wanted to do something in the Fashion industry but in particular the journalism side.  I applied to go to London College of Fashion and although I got through to the interview stage, sadly I did not get a place. This realisation really crushed me, as it really was the only subject I wanted to pursue. I took a year out and went out to work, getting caught up in earning a regular income when most of my friends who were studying struggled to get together spending money to go shopping or on nights out.

I can still say though, ten years later my passion for Fashion and Journalism has never waned, it encompasses all aspects of my life from the outfit choices I make each day to the colour I wear on my nails or lips. This whole hearted devotion led me to begin writing this blog which really makes me burst with overwhelming pride when I see all of the comments and when friends say I am inspiring them to push themselves out of their Fashion comfort zone.

What I love and have always loved about Vogue is the way the pages seem to transport you to an alternate universe – incorporating wonderful colours, textures and backdrops which you do not see in any other magazine. The articles are thought provoking, ranging from current affairs in the world to interviews with my favourite Fashion designers. I will also admit I did a little happy dance when the mini handbag version was introduced. Prior to this, my work bag resembled the size of an overnight holdall just so I could carry my Vogue to read on the tube everyday! ha-ha. Even if a lot of the outfits or designs are extremely expensive this never deters me, it just means I will be on the hunt to find more affordable alternatives to add to my wardrobe collection.

In my view, each person has their own influences which has led them to their chosen career or outlet and for me, Fashion journalism has been a form of escapism throughout my entire life. It is ingrained in me and I I owe it all to my fashion bible. Vogue I love you 🙂


Until next week, take care,

Keya x

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