Chanel – my love affair.

Good afternoon my fellow Chanel afficinados,

For this post I am going to talk about my love of Chanel and how even those who do not earn a six figure salary can invest in one of Karl Lagerfeld’s timeless pieces.

As a little girl although I was a “girlie girl” who loved bright colours and bold print clothes I always thought the classic monochrome look was chic and elegant which my parents clearly agreed with.

The love affair has continued to this day and that was one aspect of the Chanel brand that I was instinctively drawn to. The contrast between the lush leather against the stark metal of the straps and the red monochromed interior makes me go weak at the knees. So simple but so stylish. 

I remember the day like it was yesterday that I went into the store with countless hard earned monthly salaries to purchase my very first piece of Chanel history. I bought a 2.55 bag – classic, beautiful and in a colour that went with every outfit. The smile never left my face for the whole day and honestly still hasn’t almost five years later every time I use it. I have since added to my collection and each piece holds a special place in my heart and marks a significant period in my life that will never be forgotten. No other purchase to date in my wardrobe (well perhaps my Jimmy Choo or Louboutin collection 😀) has had that effect on me and that is the magic of Chanel.  


Although the enigma that is Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel can sometimes seem unobtainable in terms of price and exclusivity, everyone can have their own slice of Chanel pie if you know where to look. There are some great finds in charity or vintage stores especially in capital cities like London, Rome or Paris. I would recommend always doing your research when buying iconic accessories like handbags or purses however. After a quick google search you will easily be able to determine whether the colour scheme is genuine and also never buy anything that does not come with the Certificate of Authenticity. All Chanel and high end brands have a unique certificate for each item making it super easy to spot that sneaky counterfeit. 

I have spent all of my adult life up to now immersing myself in all things to do with this fashion house. The highly anticipated movie Coco showcasing the life of Coco Chanel moved me to tears even though she was designing before I was born. I just think everyone can relate to someone who had a dream to celebrate the female form at its finest not having to conform to social norms or the expectation of what the opposite sex deemed attractive. 

After all there are enough rules to follow for the working class 21st century woman. Why should our wardrobes have to comply?

Until next week take care,

Keya x 

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