Sock Savvy 

Good afternoon my warm footed fashionistas,

For this weeks post I wanted to talk a little about one of my favourite forms of exercise and the attire I wear to do it. That exercise is cycling either on my road, mountain or spin bike at the gym.

I especially love being out on the road when the weather is amazing like it was yesterday in London. The endless green landscapes through the Essex area are truly breathtaking and as far away from the hustle and bustle of the city as you can get.

Even though I am doing long distances which require a certain practicality in regards to what I wear I still want to look and feel good 😀

Since purchasing my bike two years ago from the London triathlon show, I have been a dedicated Specialised fan. My new favourite way of showing my appreciation is in the form of socks. I know what you are thinking – surely the standard trainer sock will suffice but on contrare. The brighter and more outrageous the better in the cycling community!  

As you can see with my friend below, there are no rules. Mix and matching is even accepted and revered😊

(Photo courtesy  of Jodie)

   (Photo courtesy of Jodie, Kenz and Andy)

The main  concept is to loosely match the socks to your cycling shoes. In the photo above, my Sidi’s on the left complement my specialised socks perfectly as does the white and black combinations also.

It is amazing how this trend has grown exponentially over the last few months. There are dedicated pages on Instagram of hundreds of people’s sock and shoe creations. It truly is bringing cycling and sportswear into the forefront of the fashion industry with top designers like Stella McCartney and Victoria’s Secret hosting dedicated catwalk shows to sports luxe.

For me I just love that I can show my individuality and enthusiasm of bright colours even when doing sport in my free time. Cycling fanatics like myself are all so friendly (yes we actually greet each other with “good morning”when out on the Tarmac can you believe it) but when you hear that little comment of “nice socks” when on a long slog of a hill, it makes the effort all worthwhile. 

See you on the bike, until next week take care

Keya x


  1. ragtimecyclist · June 8, 2015

    Some fine examples of sock/shoe combo’s here! I reckon the beauty of the sock is that it doesn’t have to match anything, as long as it has a certain shared something in common with shoes/bike/cap etc. All good fun (and no trainer socks please!!)


    • keyabeecroft · June 8, 2015

      Haha why thank you, I do love the different variations but as you say trainer socks are a definite no-no! Happy cycling 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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