Penchant for Potter 

Good day my Hogwarts helpers,

At the weekend as a belated birthday present my best friend took me to Harry Potter World at Warner Bros Studios. I thought I would let you in on my secret love for all things Harry and some of the characters whose outfits inspired me. 

Back when I was at school I clearly remember the day when one of my classmates brought in a copy of their first Harry Potter book. I had no idea about the storyline but I have always had a fascination for the fantasy and supernatural genre so I knew then and there I needed to purchase my own. I then proceeded to read and adore all seven books and I also watched all eight movies. 

I was enraptured with the cinematography and the costume design in the movies and at Warner Bros they have hundreds of original costumes on display. 

The school uniforms worn by the characters looked like the same one I wore in secondary school even down to the grey knitted V neck jumper and house tie. The thing that made theirs even cooler was the addition of a secret pocket for their prized wands. We were lucky enough at my school to be able to smuggle in a packet of chewing gum or a lipgloss in our blazers! 

I particularly loved the introduction of the teacher Dolores Umbridge with her twin set tweed and cat accessories. Her voice matched her varying shade of pink daily outfits – uptight, disciplined and oh so feminine. I like to think her style inspiration was my favourite designer, Chanel with her little tweed jackets paired with a string of pearls or an ornate broach. 

I loved in the Goblet of Fire when the other wizarding schools came to Hogwarts for the Triwizard tournament. Each individual from the varying schools had their own unique style – Fleur Delacour with her pussy bow blouses and Powder blue boater hat to Krum with his open neck white shirts and embroided waistcoats. This was the first time we had seen the fashion envelope being explored with Hermione wowing in a pastel pink dress and heels at the Grand Ball and poor Ron Weesley having to endure the taunts whilst decked out in his brothers hand me down dress robes. 

It was with a heavy heart I read the final Harry Potter book and watched the final film. I felt like I had grown up with these characters and it was touching to watch the actors morph into young adults from children on screen. This story has made a lasting impression on millions of children and adults alike and seeing how much work went into every set design, costume or special effect makes me appreciate even more how it took ten years to complete the massive feat. 

Until next week, take care 

Keya x

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