Tremendous triathlon 

Good day my sporty spectators, 

Firstly I would like to wholeheartedly apologise for my delay in posting this week, I have been a tad unwell after my race at the weekend but I still thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

On Saturday I took part in and completed the AJ Bell London triathlon 2015. 



I have always been a sporty person, enjoying immersing myself in any genre of sport through my school years and into college where I studied sports science. I was the only girl in my class for my course and it definitely made me a stronger person as my tutor did not go easy on me even though I was female. I still had to go out for cross country runs in only shorts and a t shirt with my fellow classmates in freezing winters conditions! When I left college I got into road cycling and as I have always been an avid runner and a good swimmer, I contemplated doing my first triathlon last year. I took part in the Henley on Thames triathlon which I really enjoyed and this race firmly instilled the triathlon bug in me.

After completing Henley, I decided to sign up for the London triathlon which is one of the largest in Europe and is extremely local to where I reside. 

My training over the last year has been really beneficial with some great open water swims with my brother and training partner and some long road bike rides at weekends. I do not think I would have been able to even be able to get off the start line with my amazing clothing for each leg of the event which I will go into more detail about below. 

For the swim leg I was introduced to Huub design last year. After talking to the staff at last years London triathlon expo, I was informed that as I am a strong swimmer the Aura 3.0 was the best suit for me. It is the least bouyant in the water and fits my body shape perfectly. It really made me feel so fast in the water and kept my muscles warm ahead of the bike section.  

For the bike leg, I used my splendid Specialised Tarmac SL3. I have cycled from Belgium to London on this bike and it’s carried me on countless miles around the country on weekends. It has been so reliable and it delivered again on this race. My shoes are made by Sidi and my helmet is by Kask. 

For the run leg I wore my new Huub triathlon suit which really fitted my broad shoulders and didn’t restrict my legs when I was running either. I wore a Nike running cap to shield my head from the summers heat and I wore Nike Relentless trainers. I usually stick to wearing Nike footwear as although they are functional, they also are one of the best looking designs of shoes in my opinion. 

With the perfect conditions and the most overwhelming amount of support I had for this race, I really enjoyed the whole day. I felt strong physically and was mentally prepared to face the challenge. When I saw my family and friends at the finish line, I cried tears of joy and happiness that all the training and dedication had payed off. Whatever challenges or milestones you set for yourself in the future, as long as you have the emotional support behind you, you will exceed even your own wildest expectations I can assure you.

Until next week, take care 

Keya x

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