Fur – friend or foe?

Hello my furry fashionistas, 

After London Fashion week storming through our city last week, one key trend which caused such debate in the capital was real fur – do you dare to include it in your winter wardrobe?

The subject of fur has been raging for years, with many models and media moguls flitting between wearing it with pride one year to posing nude for the PETA campaigns the next. The question is though is there a correct answer? I hope to delve a little deeper into the subject below.

From a young age I always loved watching black and white classic movies in particular Marilyn Monroe ones who is one of my idols. The women in these movies always looked so chic and sophisticated adorned in precious diamonds in their flapper dresses with a fur stole thrown effortlessly over their shoulders. It was seen as a social status, wearing fur was for wealthy celebrities and high ranking members of society. Something normal working class people could aspire to own.

(Image courtesy of Google)

The opinion with designers over the years have also been divided. Some like Stella McCartney have prided themselves on never using any animal products in her line, claiming she does not use any material that can bleed. Other designers like Christopher Kane who had two fur sponsors at his show and Gucci who showed minks in its collection feel it creates a certain opulence and luxury to their brand. In the 90s and 2000’s there were anti fur protests during fashion shows. The most memorable was in 2007 at the Burberry show, activists threw buckets of fake blood over models wearing fur on the catwalk. 

Some people are happy to wear leather shoes or a suede coat but refrain from wearing fur which has been seen as hypocritical in the past. The argument is that the animal is usually already deceased when the leather or suede is sourced whereas animals are sometimes killed on demand for its particular fur. 

My personal opinion is if my grandmother was to hand my down a well worn and well loved fur coat I would wear it with pride. I know I would not have had the animal killed for its fur and also it would have sentimental value to me. In terms of buying a real fur coat in all honesty of I was in a financial position to do so then I likely would as I think they are elegant and beautiful. I do currently have two faux fur coats which I love to wear in the winter. My cream fur jacket provided the perfect cover up when I attended my work black tie Christmas party one year as below. 

In modern day times with the convenience of central heating in our homes we do not need to wear animal skins to protect us from the elements, wearing fur is a personal choice now. If you have reservations about wearing it in my view you should not discriminate against those that do and vice versa. Fashion trends are loved and abhored in equal measure and I believe wearing fur is just another one which is going to continue to cause debate for many more years to come. 

Until next week, take care 

Keya X

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