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Good day my popular butterflies,

This weeks post I have decided to discuss how fashion has become so readily available with the emergence of social media and the Internet and what key pieces you could add to your existing wardrobe each season. 

I am so pleased and slightly relieved that I did not spend my teenage years with access to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Those hormonal angst years of getting the bus to go shopping  with my friends or going to under 18 foam parties are best left with no photographic evidence! 😀 Even in my early 20’s when Facebook became the “in”thing with my peers, I held my ground and didn’t sign up to it. Eventually after a few years when I moved back to my home town, with still some hesitation I set up a page and got back in contact with some of my best friends from school which was lovely.The below picture was one of my first profile pictures from 2009 – funnily enough I still have that leather jacket! It’s one of my favourites.


There are definitely some plus points to social media too. I do love how connected you are, especially with friends who live in all corners of the world. It especially amazes me how I feel as though I know family members who live as far afield as New Zealand who I haven’t met in person. The application is amazing for that 😀

I remember when I was growing up how I longed for the end of the month when my pocket money from my part time job would go towards buying my favourite magazines. I would pour over them from cover to cover assessing what trends I already had in my wardrobe or what I needed to go and purchase to add to my collection. The process of which wouldn’t be a few clicks on an online store to order it, I had to physically venture into a shop, see if they had the item I coveted and crossed my fingers it would suit me! 

Nowadays it seems fashion is so fast paced and disposable at times. A style may grace a movie star or a TV personality on the red carpet and then within a matter of days it is in the high street stores at a fraction of the price. Before you know it that style is “out” and the next trend has emerged.

With the onslaught of fashion bloggers, you tubers and social media tycoons on the scene, entire collections from fashion weeks around the world are showcased before the clothes even hit the stores . One example which springs to mind is the new Moschino collection. The logo was emblazoned on everything from belts, to shoes to necklaces and it filled every weekly gossip magazine with famous faces getting in on the look. 

(Image courtesy of google images)

For this very reason, I tend to rather invest  in classic pieces which are timeless and never go out of fashion. I love my Burberry Mac which I’ve had for around 10 years, it comes out every year and still looks effortlessly chic. It’s the same for my leather biker jacket. I’ve had that since I was 16 and although it is getting slightly  worn on the shoulders now I still love it as much and the day I bought it. If you like to keep on top of the current styles, there are some great bargains to be had on the high street, Mango is particularly current and I’ve managed to find some amazing fitting skinny high rise and wet look jeans in there.

With fast fashion you don’t want purchases to break the bank, you may as well have one key item from each season whether it be a clutch bag or a pair of shoes then spending out on a head to toe look which will be old news a month later 😀 

Happy shopping

Until next week, take care 

Keya x

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