Putting pen to paper

Good evening my literary leaders,

For this weeks post I thought I would reveal candidly where my foray into journalism began and my love of the English language, particularly writing about fashion which brings me the utmost joy. 

From as early on as my school days, I can remember how much I enjoyed my English classes and I would get so excited if one of my pieces of homework was to write a piece about anything from my favourite animal to my favourite book of the moment (I’m sure like many teenagers Judy Blume and Roald Dahl were my go to authors at the time) Reading was and still is one of my favourite hobbies, I never tire of learning a new word or to see how a particular author has chosen to build a sentence which sometimes defies logic in my mind, but is so riveting to me. 

When I left school and obtained a place at college, I didn’t have to hesitate as to what my first choice subject would be -English language. As I went to sixth form at the same secondary school I attended, I was so fortunate to have the same English teacher throughout. She was so supportive of my creative writing, really pushing me out of my comfort zone to use a broader vernacular or to delve deeper into my imagination with every piece I wrote.

Around the same time, my love of fashion was firmly implanted in my psyche. My mum and I would spend weekends cutting jeans to make into skirts or sewing sequins onto cargo pants. When I got home from college after pouring over that months Vogue edition, I would sit at the kitchen table and write fictional accounts of Milan or Tokyo fashion weeks as if I had been sat there in the front row. For me it was an outlet that helped me through some tough periods particularly during exam times or when I was trying to gain social acceptance as I entered into adulthood. 

What amazes me about writing is that the passion for it can start at any age. My gorgeous little niece who is only 5, can write and speak in Spanish and English already and whenever I get to spend time with her, we lose ourselves writing and talking together for hours which I treasure wholeheartedly. She is going to be such an successful, powerful young woman when she grows up just like her mother and I love feeling that I get to revel in her utterly brilliant mind as she develops.

Now as I’m approaching my 30th birthday in 2016, I’ve realised that my love for fashion journalism rather than dwindling, has increased exponentially.

For me, writing really is my time to escape and reveal my inner most thoughts and fears in a way that uses the beautiful English language to its full potential I hope. I have always been so introverted about my writing, putting the pen to paper is so cathartic to me – it’s as though the minute I start writing, those thoughts and reservations leave my mind and dance across the page before my very eyes. This is probably the most exposed I have ever felt in my writing but I guess the fact you all can share this experience with me each week is what motivates me to keep on pushing myself as a writer and for that I thank you all deeply for your continued support and encouragement this year. I really can’t wait for what 2016 has in store for me.

Until next week, take care 
Keya x

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