David Bowie – Style Chameleon

Hello my Ziggy Stardust Extroadinares,

It is with great sadness that I write this weeks post after hearing of the news of David Bowie passing away this past weekend. I have decided to dedicate this post to the legend of a man he was and the mark he has permanently left on the world.


Even though his heyday was before I was even born, I like most people was touched by his music and could relate to his lyrics. His stage persona and style was infamous. He was known for pushing the boundaries of fashion – telling people to embrace being different 😀 I have picked some of my favourite looks below over his expansive career and how they have influenced me.

I personally loved how he reinvented himself over and over again. The stripes and shoulder details of the outfit above with the PVC knee high boots and his electric red hair is edgy and theatrical. This look reminded me of his character in the Labyrinth. The full body leotards and electric shock hair style was both frightening and cool in that film. Even on the catwalk today, bodies are being worn under chiffon midi length skirts and heels and even in my own wardrobe I have some long sleeve stretchy tops that I wear under my jumpers in the winter.

As a huge fan of sharp tailoring, I love the padded shoulders and slim fit style of this suit. With the addition of the gingham socks, fedora hat, sunglasses and braces Bowie makes this look effortless and uber comfortable, as if he is adding his own personal twist to a classic piece. In my own every day style I love wearing a crisp white shirt and tailored trousers with one of my wool bowler hats and brogue shoes whilst on a night out or at the weekend.

This look instantly reminds me of the T Birds from the movie Grease. Growing up, I had such a crush on Danny Zuko with his biker jacket and slicked back, perfect hair. Bowie looks tough but with his chiselled good looks, also approachable and someone you would want to have in your circle of friends. I cannot wait to get out my leather jacket in the spring time.

Even into his 60s Bowie rocked buttoned up shirts paired with a blazer and roll neck jumpers matched with cigarette leg pants. In the cold weather we are currently having in the city, I love wearing a wool roll neck jumper tucked into a pencil skirt or a tailored jumper underneath a round neck jumper for work.

With his mismatched eyes and “free” androgynous attitude to his appearance David Bowie truly was one of a kind. He truly influenced so many people in the way they dressed, carried themselves or even helped through tough times in their lives with his music. He will be missed by fashion and music lovers alike all over the world.

Until next week, take care

Keya X

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