The skirt evolution.

Hello my ankle grazing alter egos,

Just a few days ago when I was on my daily commute home from work,upon glancing around I was amazed how many variations of skirts and dresses were adorning the working woman. From midi, a line, pencil or flared – the shapes were endless. This got me thinking about how the skirt has evolved over the decades. Lets delve into the archives for this post. 

(All photos courtesy of Google images)

I am an 80s baby and although I was still too young to remember what people used to wear in that decade, I have since been to a fair few 80s fancy dress parties to know what was in fashion. Fluoro basics paired with high tops, huge costume earrings, statement tights and bangles up to your elbows were deemed “on trend”. The skirt style of the 80s was the flared ra ra grazing the mid thigh of everyone from Madonna to your best friend at a school party on Friday night. I was never a fan of this style, the layers of tulle and taffeta does not suit my body shape at all and I find the whole look a tad too “girlie” for me. 

In the 90s one of my favourite shows was Clueless. I used to sit in front of the tv longingly admiring Cher’s never ending selection of clothes and handbags. Their staple look was a tartan mini with a matching suit jacket, over the knee socks and heels. I remember one of my first experiences of going to a night club I wore a red and black checked wrap around mini skirt with over the knee boots. I had never felt so grown up and I definitely had a great night because of it.

The noughties was a tough time in the fashion world. With the emergence of socialites and reality tv, the denim skirt was born. I am sure all of us remember watching Britney Spears in her slave for you video with a snake wrapped around her neck wearing a distressed denim skirt with her jewelled belly piercing on show or seeing Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie in their Simple life tv series. As a teenager I was always keen to be different so my mum and I made my jean skirts out of my dads old jeans – sewing a tie around the bottom of one and attaching lace hand prints of mine onto another – I wore those skirts all summer long.

Suffice to say, I am ecstatic fashion has come around full circle and the skirt style for 2016 is the wonderful midi A line. The runways over the last few seasons have been filled with luxurious leather, floral prints and quilted varieties which flatter any body shape and brings the highly neglected erogenous area, the ankle back into the limelight. After all, what is the point in purchasing those fabulous suede Louboutins court shoes if no one can see them. 

No matter what skirt style is currently “in fashion” though, I empathise that a pencil skirt may not work if you are petite in the same way a mini may not for a more mature woman. What with all of these styles and many more in the history books, it is a case of trial and error to see what works for your every day style. Once you have found it, you too can feel like the twirling belle of the ball on your way to work. 

Until next week, take care

Keya X

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