Sumptuous sunnies

Hello my sunglass loving sirens,

With my upcoming holiday approaching, I have decided to dedicate this post to sunglasses. I am a huge fan of this sometimes unappreciated little fashion accessory and I am guilty of having a different pair for every occasion. Below I have outlined my favourite styles and how you can wear them with your spring wardrobe.

I remember the feeling like it was yesterday when I proudly went along to Hyde Park to watch my brother compete in the prestigious Olympic triathlon a few years ago. The Suns beautiful ray’s were beaming down on us all day so these Burberry frames were ideal. I teamed them with a slim fit white shirt, skinny jeans and my fab chocolate brown Nine West loafers.

When I was in Spain one New Year and even over Christmas last year although the weather was a little cool, we still experienced glorious sunshine and blue skies most days. I lived in my tortoise shell and orange Clubmasters by Rayban. The design and colouring are actually limited edition which just adds a sense of originality to any outfit and it’s nice to know you won’t see many people wearing them on your next break either. Below I wore them with my Italian designed fitted jacket and jumper dress and also my grey Armani overcoat over tailored chinos and a Ralph Lauren jumper. They are truly versatile.

  Even when I am training or competing in my triathlons or running events,  I love my Oakley pair which prevent glare (ideal if the sun is reflecting off cars or the road) and they have breathable panels down the side so I can avoid the dreaded steamed up look (Quelle horreur)

A few years ago at a car boot sale I nabbed this amazing vintage red aviator pair which come out of my collection every summer. They really brighten any outfit and complemented this floral day dress perfectly.

I love the classic Rayban wayfarer shape that has graced the faces of celebrities and on the runway for decades. They are my go to style for when I am on the beach or relaxing on holiday. Mine have lasted years and the black frames match every bikini or beach dress.

There seriously are so many shapes and sizes of sunglasses on the market and I would recommend that it is always better to invest in a good quality pair from a recommended stockist rather than from a high street store as they are fully UV protected and also last a lifetime (if you are not one of those people who lose sunglasses like odd socks in the washing machine)

Also what I love about this accessory in comparison to say handbags or shoes, they are a fairly inexpensive way to show your sense of style and be unique. How often in life can you don a pair of bug eyed glasses like my retro Armani pair below and feel like a child again playing dress up. Go wild on colour combos and embellishment, I promise the smile will not leave your face all summer 😀

Have a great few weeks my lovely readers, I am off from next week on a wonderful, eagerly anticipated vacation. Now where did I put my wayfarers. Haha.

Take care,

Keya x

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