Awesome Australia 

Good day my wonderful wanderers, 

I hope you had a lovely month of March and Easter break, enjoying the time with your families, eating and being merry and just having some well needed time off.

I just returned from a fabulous vacation in Australia. It was my first time visiting that part of the world and I can confirm that I left a little part of my heart there. It really is such a vast, beautiful expanse with abundant nature, gorgeous coastlines and trendy cities. This was the view from the Brisbane river at night – simply spectacular.

I am such a beach girl at heart, give me sand between my toes and the sun on my face and I am smiling from the inside out. Whilst in Aus I was lucky enough to visit a fair few of them from Byron Bay to Coolangatta to Burleigh heads and each had their own unique personality. The white sands stretched as far as the eye could see and the ocean was as wild and unruly as my hair most mornings. Haha. 


I couldn’t believe it when I arrived to my accommodation and opposite there was a Westfield shopping centre. I had travelled nearly an entire day to get there and I was instantly transported back to one of the many shopping centres I frequent back home in London. Albeit the shops inside were slightly different but when I was in need of some beach shorts or to get my nails done, I knew I would be in luck in there. 

It was incredible to me how everything is so accessible also. If we drove 45 minutes from Brisbane we were on the Gold Coast or the same distance inland we arrived in a tropical paradise. The falls at Mount Tamborine were truly breathtaking. Who would have known after walking in the brush for 15 minutes this natural wonder would be revealed. 

One of the highlights of my trip was snorkelling over the Great Barrier Reef. We flew to Cairns and did a whole day tour of the reef. The choppy conditions on our way out to the reef were quickly replaced by the incredible views beneath the water. It was like an alternate universe as soon as I put my face beneath the surface and I and I am still pinching myself that we did it.

 Exploring this beautiful country was an absolute experience of a lifetime for me. I got to see Australia from a local perspective not as a tourist per se and I could even turn a blind eye at the thought of giant spiders, cockroaches and sharks whilst being surrounded by such natural wonders. It is not good bye Australia, but see you again.

Until next week, take care

Keya X 

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  1. Susan · August 22, 2016

    So very beautiful! 😆


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