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Good day my make up magicians, 

In the same way fashions and trends change each season in the form of clothes, if you have ever looked closely at the models faces on the catwalk you will see that makeup and beauty also constantly evolves. For this weeks post I thought I would delve into the world of cosmetics and makeup. 

I will freely admit that I am not really a huge makeup fan and this is not because I dislike it but I just cannot do a good enough job on my face to merit wearing it all the time. For a night out my staple routine is mascara, eye liner, blush and a nice red lipstick – voila 😀 I love a Kohl eye pencil as it doesn’t smudge on a night out and my mascara and lipstick are both by Dior.

I follow so many professional make up artists on Instagram in the hope I will learn some new tricks or techniques to no fruition as yet. They just look immaculate all the time, and I would love to know how long it takes them to achieve those looks in the morning. I am all for more sleep sadly rather than spending an hour on my face – my bed wins that battle 😀

(Images courtesy of google images) 

Contouring is another fascination to me, I didn’t even know altering the perception of the angles and bone structure of your face was possible using makeup. I would love to have it done by a makeup artist one day just to see how it looks. I can truly see the skill in this trend. 

Where I lack in makeup know how, I certainly make up for in my skincare however. Since I was a teenager I have always been disciplined with my skin routine. Growing up I remember my grandma used to smother her face every night with Nivea creme and allow it to soak in which was instilled in my mum too. She is always mistaken for someone 20 years younger as she has such youthful skin. This inexpensive but effective ritual was passed down to me too as you can imagine, every night with out fail I get out my trusty blue tub. I hope that I can look half as good as my mum or my grandma when I get older. 

About 10 years ago I had my first facial using Dermalogica products and I was immediately a fan. My skin was glowing and luminous as I walked out of the beauticians and I knew that I needed that feeling every day at home. I have used Dermalogica ever since.

 Try not to laugh but I actually have used anti aging products since I was 14 years old.  My reasoning behind it is I wanted to stop the fine lines from forming and I can say that at nearly 30 I still get told I look in my early 20s.Their Age smart range is incredible – I would thoroughly recommend it 😊 

 Finally I am a huge advocate of drinking water. I religiously consume around 2-3 litres a day, not because the media have scared me into it with all their health concerns over the years but just because I literally feel good from the inside out when I am fully hydrated. I know straight away when I haven’t drank my quota because my skin looks dull and I also suffer from headaches. A handy way of making it a bit more bearable if you find drinking water too bland, just add a squeeze of lemon or lime – it gives it a nice refreshing taste. 

I personally believe whether you feel naked with out makeup or like me you love a no frills beauty routine in the morning, it is best to find the products that work for you through some good ole fashioned trial and error. So many high street and big brands cater for all skin types now so I am sure you will find something that makes you look as amazing as you are within.

Until next week,take care

Keya X

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