Class act 

Good morning my Chic chameleons,

What with all that has been happening in politics and in the media over the last few months, my focus has really been brought to the fact that although some people have abundant levels of resources or money, it still does not buy class or poise. I think these are attributes you are either born with or not, anyone can put on a Chanel jacket but this does not always make you the woman who Coco prided herself in dressing.

I thought for this weeks post I would go through my top six people in the public eye both past and present, who I have always thought exude elegance and style.

(All images courtesy of google images)

1) Grace Kelly

I have such fond memories of when I was a little girl during the summer when my mum was doing the washing, I also would wash all my Barbies clothes and hang them on the line at the same time. Once our “work” was done we would go inside and there would always be an old black and white movie playing in the background. This was the first time I ever laid eyes on Grace Kelly. To me she looked like a real life princess with her regal features and perfectly coiffed hair long before she actually married the Prince of Monaco.

2) Audrey Hepburn

My love for black and white movies continued from then on and I was soon introduced to the wonderful Audrey Hepburn. I have watched Breakfast at Tiffanys countless times ogling over the wonderful designs from Givenchy and it was that film which gave me the inspiration to always incorporate a little black dress in my own wardrobe.

3) David Gandy 

I still remember the day when I saw the Dolce and Gabbana light blue perfume advert on the tv for the first time. The contrast between the clear ocean reflected in his eyes and his tanned skin set off by his white swimming trunks, I was transfixed. The cinematography of that advert was mesmerising. David Gandy is the first known male supermodel in the world and his style off the catwalk is as classical and elegant as on the runway. All of his three piece suits are tailored on Saville Row in London -the clean lines and fit are truly unmistakable.

4) Natalie Portman

I have always loved the films that Natalie has made over her career but I think her defining role for me was in V for Vendetta. The scene where she has her head shaved is so raw and heart wrenching I instantly had compassion for her. I know how important hair can be to some women but as I have also had a buzz cut style a few times in my 20’s, I found it liberating. You cannot hide behind you hair any longer, your face is on full display and also it grows back so quickly I think experimenting with styles and colours is so much fun. 

5) James Dean

My childhood crush when I was in primary school of Macauley Caulkin (who didn’t think he was the cutest in Home Alone and Ritchie Rich) soon escalated onto James Dean when I reached secondary school. His smouldering all American good looks and uniform of a plain white T shirt under a rugged leather biker jacket was so rebellious and so far removed from all the other lead actors in films during that time. I absolutely love nautical stripes as I’ve told you before so this photo below really sums up why he features on my list.

6) Marilyn Monroe

And finally I have saved the best for last, my wonderful idol and timeless muse Ms Monroe. Ever since I can recall, the tradition for my family on Christmas Day is to watch Some Like it Hot in the evening. I have seen it probably a hundred times but I still love it. My favourite moment ever is when she comes bustling along the train platform in her fitted pencil skirt, stopping to straighten the seam down the back of her stockings – she just exudes sexiness and femininity. Even though her personal life plagued the headlines more than her film reputation she is still my favourite on screen heroine. She was both sensual but approachable which is proven by the amount of women as well as men who adored her. You are greatly missed MM but as we both share our birthdays in the month of June, I will always pay a tribute to you on your special day 😍

Although these are just a handful of the instantly recognisable faces who have helped shape my childhood, there are many more who I seek daily inspiration from online or in magazines. Those public figures have taught me that less really is more, I do not need to have all of my assets on show to be seen as attractive and also that no matter how successful financially or in my career I become that being classy and chic is not nurtured in an individual but something I certainly aspire to have been born with. Making good choices in your wardrobe and in life in general, will certainly lead you on the right path. 

Until next time take care

Keya X

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