Big is beautiful 

Good day my curveous chicks,

I am sure you have noticed as have I recently, advertising campaigns gracing our screens of “real women” in the Dove commercial and plus size models sashaying down runaways at most fashion shows so for this weeks post I wanted to showcase a few actors and models who are making waves in the industry and I LOVE it. 

(All images courtesy of Google images)

Dascha Polanco

When one of my friends recommended Orange is the New black to me I admit I was at first sceptical but after the first episode I was hooked. I find it so interesting the dynamic between the different ethnicities and also how the relationships between the inmates build with each episode. I loved the storyline with Daya played by the gorgeous Dascha. Her fuller figure suit bold dresses with cut out details and her complexion really makes this dress pop. 

Melissa McCarthy

From the moment I saw Bridesmaids at the cinema, I thought that Melissa was the breakout star. She is so funny she brings me to tears and she really knows how to dress on trend and age appropriate which I think is so important for the older woman. Some styles can be frumpy when dressing a bigger frame but she really knows which designers suit her. 

Ashley Graham

Like the day I first heard the term “super model” I also remember the day the first plus sized model walked down the catwalk and Ashley has really found her niche in successful runway and editorial campaigns so early in her career. She really knows how to show off her hourglass figure and accentuate her curves with the peekaboo neck line and thigh high split of this red dress. I love how she pairs this va va voom number with simple hair and shoes – with a figure like that accessories should be kept to a minimum. 

Rebel Wilson

With a host of hilarious movies and adverts under her belt this Aussie star is on the rise. I loved her in pitch perfect where although her weight was initially made fun of, her talent shone through and I love how her fun attitude transcends to her sense of style on the red carpet also. This navy, sparkly long sleeved shift dress is both flattering and clings to her curves effortlessly. I love the classic court shoes and curly hair also – as though she has just stepped off the a beach in Sydney straight to a red carpet event. 

Jonah Hill

Although he has made countless films, for me I loved him in Wolf of Wall Street. His dress sense in that movie was all pastel golf jumpers and plaid trousers but he really knows how to pull off a tailored suit and tie for a premiere. The importance of a great fitting suit should be a staple of every mans wardrobe, finding the balance between broad shoulders and a thicker middle can make for the most attractive look for any man dressing for an important occasion. 

What with Joan in her fitted dresses in Mad Men to Oprah Wimphrey on her daily chat show, there are so many personalities on our screens which are constantly pushing the boundaries of what society deems attractive and it’s so exciting to see even fashion designers are including fuller “real” women in their campaigns. It is so important to show the next generation that they do not need to be super skinny, have cascading blonde locks or be of a certain skin colour to be the best version of themselves they can be. Beauty should not be defined by any of those parameters, it truly is in the eye of the beholder. 

Until next time, take care

Keya X

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