Weekend wonders in the city. 

Good day to you my city dwellers, 

I hope you have had a wonderful few weeks just as I have. This past weekend I took my loving partner in crime out to celebrate his birthday. I will admit panic stations set in when I knew I needed to organise something. I am still fairly new to Brisbane as you know, so my real creative researching had to be sought after to find the perfect venue. I think it’s safe to say it was a roaring success of a weekend 😀

All I told him on Saturday morning was to pack a bag with something smart for that evening and something casual to wear on Sunday. When he finished work we headed straight into the city and I directed him to where we would be staying for the night – the Hilton Brisbane. 

(Image courtesy of google)

When we went up to our room on the 16th floor this was the view out of our window. It truly was breathtaking. 

We relaxed for an hour before getting ready. I had purchased a new dress from a boutique shop near my work in Newstead which I paired with my Hugo boss court shoes and my trusty black leather biker jacket. I decided to go with an up do to show off my Swarovski embellished earrings and the high neck line of my dress. 

We then headed to the next part of his surprise. Earlier the previous week I had searched online for the best restaurants in Brisbane. There were so many listed but after reading some of the reviews on trip advisor and Expedia I weeded out the small portion size placed (my partner loves to eat and feel full at the end of a meal) and I eventually found where I booked a table – Blackbird Bar and Grill. 

(Image courtesy of google)

The decor of the restaurant was beautiful and we actually had the seating above overlooking the storey bridge which was lit up red for the occasion. We both ordered the wagyu sirloin steak with a selection of sides which was utterly divine. We had the perfect accompaniment of cocktails with our meal. After dinner, we headed to the bar area which had a dj and we managed to bag one of the über comfy quilted sofas much to our delight. We spent the evening laughing until our bellies hurt fuelled by lychee martinis and people watching.

(Image courtesy of google)

After a wonderful nights sleep in our king size bed we awoke to another beautiful morning over the city. We went to check out the rooftop pool after a luxurious buffet breakfast and I just had to take a picture of the reception area of the hotel before we checked out. It was simply spectacular. 


Even though it was only one night away we both said how it felt as though we had been on a mini holiday. It was so relaxing and just the perfect chance to spend some quality time together. What with work, teaching my spinning classes and our busy personal lives, it’s so important to make that extra effort to do fun activities with our loved ones. 

If you to are new to a city, consider it a hearty challenge not a burden to arrange a surprise weekend away. The internet is awash with information and I am sure with just a few clicks you will find the perfect destination that suits you. Life should be filled with new experiences and even if the place you pick wasn’t everything you had hoped for, learn from it and just smile. Wouldn’t life be boring if we had the answer to everything 😀

Until next time, take care

Keya x

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