Have your cake and eat it too. 

Good morning my busy, bustling beauties,

After being between jobs for a few weeks, I managed to secure my second job since being in Australia and this week is my second in the role. This months post is dedicated to the trials and tribulations of being a woman in 2017. 

 Although it truly has been a blessing for me to get back into the corporate world after a brief hiatus, I openly admit I have personally struggled with my time management since starting and I’ve had an epiphany which I am sure many of you share. 

During my time off, I was that person who was up at 6am bright and bushy tailed, hitting the gym for a class then coming home to either clean my apartment, organise my wardrobe, do the washing, prepare the dinner and maybe even squeeze in an episode of Suits all before my partner got home from work. 

Since going back to work however I haven’t been to a class this week yet (yes, I know its already Saturday 🙈), we’ve had meals that I can prepare in the shortest time known to mankind, and in my eyes the apartment has not been as immaculate as I would like.

(Images courtesy of google images)

It sounds silly, but it’s really been getting me down as even though I am getting home only around an hour later than I used to at my last company, I am struggling to do everything I used to do before. My question to myself and you all though, is why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to do it all? 

I cannot even begin to comprehend those amazing women who also have children in the mix. It truly amazes me when I see all the inspirational women around me who manage their household and a full time job whilst also having sometimes more than one young child at home. I have more admiration for you than I can even describe as, as you can see just work and home life can become overwhelming even for myself 🙈

I have realised though that it is not worth the sake of our health and wellbeing to get so hung up on feeling as though we need to have the successful career, successful family, choc full social life and beautiful show home all at the same time. If we didn’t get around to vacuuming or doing body combat today, there is always tomorrow. There are 7 days in a week for a reason 😀

As long as we continue to treat ourselves and those around us with respect and love and we look after our minds and our bodies then I think we are all navigating the role of being a 21st century woman just fine. 

Until next time, take care

Keya x

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