Pony up 

Good morning my horse racing aficionados,

This past weekend I spent an awesome day at the races for ladies day which was so much fun. For those of you who know me personally, you would know that I love any excuse to get dressed up so when the invite came through to go, I jumped at the chance 😀

In the past I’ve been to ladies day at Ascot in the U.K where fashion is extravagant and edgy but all with an air of sophistication. From the moment I got to Doomben racecourse I was in full scout mode for anyone who I thought looked chic and venue appropriate. Below are some of my favourite looks from the day. 

Ladies day isn’t just for the women to steal the show…

It’s amazing what a pop of colour in a suit jacket or trouser can do to stop you in your tracks. The variations in prints too from the classic navy stripe pyjama style shirt to the tartan check really made these dashing gentleman stand out to me. Also, kudos definitely go out to the tasseled loafers and some of the interesting eyewear seen here – who said glasses cannot be an outfit enhancer 😀

All on the head…

What would the races be without headwear and wow there were some awe inspiring creations to behold on the green. I just loved the confidence of the black and grey jauntily placed fascinator with those divine cat eye sunglasses and also how the blue and purple head piece above really steals the show against the white dress and classic Chanel 2.55 – pure and regal. 

More than one can be done…

I really love how even though we are all unique and plan our outfits individually, some groups of friends or couples have an incredible ability to complement each other without even trying. The light and dark contrasts compared to the shocking yellow and floral print really worked wonderfully together and also I’m a huge believer in the couple who dresses well together, stay together 😀

Friends to be revered…

Now it’s time to give my friends their times to shine, I mean look how amazing these girlies look – from the glowing mumma to be to the Canadian lovelies rocking their lame and flirty floral headbands, the azure lace to the winter whites and also the asymmetrical wonderment, I felt proud to be spending my day with this awesome bunch. 

Women rule the world…

Ladies day wouldn’t be ladies day without the stars of the show and wow did these women not disappoint. I just loved the subtle accessorising of the fur stole to bring the outfit together or the lace headpieces which either offer a exciting contrast or match another element of their outfit completely. The use of colour in the pastel pink or the cobalt blue or even just the black is best all worked perfectly. It was great to see some of these beautiful women heeded the theme of floral and feminine also and I’m sure you agree their effort really should be applauded, they all looked spectacular 😀

Well my wonderful followers, if you are planning to head to Stradbroke day this weekend or other racing events later in the year, hopefully the outfits I have captured here can give you some inspiration on what dressing for the races either here or in the UK is all about. Be brave, be bold and most of all be BEAUTIFUL ❤️

Until next time, take care

Keya x

Yearn for Yard family 

Good morning my wonderful, fashion loving, incredible followers,

Wow, do I have a treat for you all today. As I mentioned to you late last year one of my resolutions for my blog for 2017 was to endeavour to bring you interesting, thought provoking content with each entry which is why as you may have noticed I’ve scaled back my posts to once a month now. This gives me time to research and gather my input so I can be excited and proud of every post I deliver to you. 

For May’s edition, I have managed to gain an all access interview with the sister duo who make up the awesome new company you ALL have to get on board with, Yard Family. 

K – Hello Emily and Alice of Yard Family, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. First off, could you perhaps explain to myself and my readers, how did you come up with the name “Yard Family”?

YF – We wanted the name of our business to reflect our philosophy, which is to get together with loved ones i.e. family, friends, etc and enjoy the great outdoors – whether it’s your backyard, beach, park, or off the beaten track!

K – What is the concept behind the business and how did it originate?

YF – These days, where technology like iPhones, computers, and computer games are an easy and available source of constant entertainment, it is easy to forget that there are so many beautiful places right on our doorstep that are there for us to enjoy. We believe that time away from the barrage of social media and digital entertainment is of paramount importance to the enjoyment of life, health and vitality.
We are both mothers with several children each (Alice has 4 and Emily has 3), and we can see that there is a huge temptation to allow kids to use technology as a convenient source of distraction.

Our own families’ philosophy is to get outside with the family, kids, and friends as often as possible (and the weather allows!) and soak up the sunshine and fresh air. We wanted to create a product and brand that promoted that quality outdoor time, in a way that is stylish and fashionable. And so Yard Family (and the Yard Blanket and other products) was born!
K – For those of my readers who do not know both Emily and Alice are mothers to a total of seven children, how do you find the time to invest in Yard Family around your already busy lives?

YF – It definitely requires juggling and balance! We usually make the most of the time the kids are at school, during nap times, or in the evenings after the kids are in bed. Every now and then if we have a particularly busy period where we are working on a collaboration or a sale, our amazing husbands step in and take over the childcare duties to allow us the time we need. But we have definitely found that the more you have to do as a mother, the better your time management becomes! Otherwise it would all end up in disaster!

K – Has being family yourselves (Emily and Alice are sisters) helped or hindered the day to day running of Yard Family? Do you have the same creative and commercial ideas about new collections for the brand?
YF – Thankfully we are a pretty amazing match – Emily is the business end of things and Ally is the creative. We bounce ideas for collaborations around and are usually in agreement with most of each others’ ideas. We are both willing to give in to the other if one of us feels strongly about doing something the other isn’t so keen on. But that happens very rarely!
K – What would you say is each of your strengths that has helped make Yard Family the success it has been to date?
YF – Ally, being the creative genius, does all the photos, product styling, and graphics. Emily does the writing, emails, manages the website, and other technical things. We try to keep those boundaries pretty clear as our strengths definitely lie in what we do best!

K- Where do you see Yard Family in five years time?
YF – We hope to continue to have a successful business that we can manage from home, expanding as our children grow and don’t need us as much! We would love for families all over the world to own and enjoy a Yard Blanket, for our products to feature with some well-known lifestyle brands, and generally have a name that is synonymous with quality time and the good things in life.

K – Can we expect any new designs or further forays into the luxurious, family outdoor living in the near future?

YF – Absolutely. We are always brainstorming new ideas and have some great plans for expanding our range up our sleeves. As we grow we will be branching out into other lines and products, all in keeping with the philosophy of Yard Family!

K- For those who wish to purchase any of your beautiful creations, what is the best way to do this?

YF – We have an online store at http://www.yardfamily.com where you can see our range and the details of each product. We ship worldwide for a flat fee of AUD$50, and offer free shipping within Australia. We accept credit card, PayPal and Afterpay, which allows you to buy now and pay later!

And with that, Emily and Alice are back to their families and day to day lives. What an inspiring and creative duo they truly are, thank you so much for the interview 😀

Until next time, take care 

Keya x

Shipment success 

Good day to you my jet setting jewels, 

The next step of my Aussie adventure unfolded just before Christmas when my long awaited shipment of personal effects arrived in Brisbane port. After 5 long, agonising months seeing those boxes stacked up in the room was enough to bring tears to my eyes. As I’m sure any of you have moved overseas will relate, you never quite feel settled until you are surrounded  with “your things” right? 

The next challenge was where on earth was I going to put all of these items, bearing in mind we recently had moved into a one bedroom apartment where storage is not known as a new build’s fortay. 

So after much huffing and standing with my hands on my hips procrastinating, I grudgingly opened the first box armed with my “keep” and “charity shop” piles. I was surprised to find the decision was made oh so easy as I found that some of my possessions which were perfect for the cool winter days and average temperature summers of London were completely inappropriate here. In the same breath, all of my beautiful summer dresses and easy, breezy shorts and vest combos were well needed after 5 months of rotating the same weeks worth of clothes! Also it is awesome to know that none of them can be found in shops close by – its always fun to be unique and quirky don’t you think 😀

Once my clothes piles were organised, I felt a huge sense of relief come over me that the mammoth task was actually a lot easier than I had expected. My new wardrobe in my apartment is still filled with my favourite items from home but are now just worn with a subtle twist. Those pencil shift dresses I usually paired with opaque tights and a cardie are now worn with bright coloured flats and coordinating sunglasses and those beautiful summer dresses are jazzed up with relaxed beachy waves in my hair and my rainbow selection of havaianas. 

One thing that definitely has not changed since my move is my love of pampering. Although I greatly miss my fave nail salon Gossip nails in my home town, I have managed to find a great nail place close to my home in the city who has a huge selection of shellac and OPI colours but the key difference is when I always used to go for deep burgundys or reds as it suited the London climate, now I can experiment more with cute pastels or bright shades I never dreamed I would be brave enough to try. 

One key learning factor for me being away from my things for so long I discovered, when they did eventually arrive I soon realised that you have to adapt to the environment you live in. Of course, I relish the days when I can unpack my big thick cable knit jumpers and over the knee boots when I spend frosty winters back home, but for now my new slimmed down wardrobe is easy, cool in the summer heat and also deep down I feel deeply grateful that the items I did take to the charity shop will be lovingly worn and admired by someone who perhaps needs them more than me right now. 

Although it’s great to have lots of beautiful, material things around us to make us feel as though we have achieved wealth and success in life, ultimately we live in a disposable world which constantly evolves and changes so we must go hence forth with it. Anyway, at the end of the day, material things are not coming with us when we leave this earth, but experiences and love of our families and friends will always be within us. 

Until next time, take care

Keya x

At one with the ocean

Good day to you my sea faring style icons, 

I am so excited to tell you all that for the last fortnight I have been undertaking surfing lessons much to my absolute delight. This is not my first foray into surfing; in 2011 I went on a yoga and surfing retreat so had a few lessons then although not with much success I may add. This post I am dedicating to that wonderful natural wonder – the deep blue sea. 

(Image courtesy of google images)

When I decided back in the earlier part of 2016 that I was going to be moving to Australia, I already was dreaming of summer days at the beach – surfboard under one arm and my waterproof camera on the other. As soon as I was settled I started researching surf schools on the Gold Coast and amongst the seemingly endless selection I found the Learn to surf in paradise school. I just immediately loved the no fuss website and the instructions about where to meet for my lesson were super easy to follow. On my first lesson there were only two other students and our Brazilian instructor immediately put us at ease and after learning he had been surfing for 20 years (although only being a year older than me) his experience really showed. With our lessons being held at the Spit beach, the rock wall on one side and the pier on the other really makes for the perfect waves for beginners. 


On my second lesson, it just fully clicked and I was standing up so many more times than wiping out (which believe me is such a relief because wow does that salt water sting after the 20th time haha) The feeling of just being you and the board out in the ocean gave me a similar feeling to being out on my bike on a triathlon training session or on an early morning run. It is so peaceful and so rewarding feeling that awesome wave pick you up and carry you towards the shore.

It really is a chance to let your fashion flare go to town as well. I love hitting the surf shops in town like Billabong, Roxy or City beach Australia to check out their new selection of rashies and board shorts. I recently just purchased a striped Roxy rashie which I pair with my black board shorts and my trusty Havaiana flip flops when I hit the surf. I also am on the market for my own surfboard too. The styles, sizes and colours vary so much dependant on your experience level, height and confidence but a good starting board is usually between 7 and 8 foot long with approximately 3 inches thickness to it to help with balance and being able to stand up efficiently when that wave comes along. 

If like me you have always been a water baby and enjoy the beach, salt in your hair and having ultimate peace and “you time” then just bite the bullet and sign up for a lesson today. Don’t just take it from me, find your own version of paradise ❤️

Until next time, take care

Keya x

Sun, sea and surf at Straddie

Good day my weekend break enthusiasts,

This past weekend the whole family packed our bags, copious amounts of liquid entertainment and off we went to Stradbroke island which was just magical. It really is a hidden gem of paradise and really brought out the inner surf beach chick in me instantly. 

(All images courtesy of Google)

On Friday evening once work was finished for the weekend we boarded the car ferry to Straddie. Once we arrived we went to the family beach house and had a wonderful dinner altogether and then played a fun round of pictionary before bed. 

On Saturday morning we were up bright and early, and after filling ourselves with scrambled eggs and fruit we made our way down to the beach with the jet ski in tow. We spent a super morning racing the  jet ski along the sand bars, having running races along the beach, making sand castles and playing with the kids in the chilly ocean. I loved nothing more than the feeling of salt in my hair and the sand on my skin whilst in my black bikini and flip flops.

That evening we went for a lovely pub dinner and finished off the evening with drinks cuddled up at the beach house – sheer perfection. I felt in my element in the laid back setting to pair my skinny dark denim, high waisted Mango jeans with my camel coloured Ralph Lauren top and animal print laced mocassins from Nine West. I kept my hair loose and simple makeup to go with the ambient setting. 

On Sunday we again were up early, we checked out of our hotel and headed to a different beach this time where they had sand dunes and rock pools. The kids had the most fun sliding down the dunes on their boogie boards or finding crabs and other sealife in the naturally formed rock pools. 

We then came back to the house had some lunch and got showered before we had to head back to the ferry port to get our vessel back to Brisbane. We watched the most amazing sunset from the top deck of the ship and arrived home to some yummy leftovers and our own beds for the evening. 

Although the weekend went quickly, once we had returned I really felt as though we had had an lovely vacation and was so well rested. It truly is incredible to think in 45 minutes you can be in a place with the most untouched beaches, island cafes a plenty and is somewhere which can give you something that money cannot buy – quality time with your loved ones. 

Straddie you were simply amazing, I cannot wait to come and visit your shores again soon. 

Until next time, take care

Keya X

Big is beautiful 

Good day my curveous chicks,

I am sure you have noticed as have I recently, advertising campaigns gracing our screens of “real women” in the Dove commercial and plus size models sashaying down runaways at most fashion shows so for this weeks post I wanted to showcase a few actors and models who are making waves in the industry and I LOVE it. 

(All images courtesy of Google images)

Dascha Polanco

When one of my friends recommended Orange is the New black to me I admit I was at first sceptical but after the first episode I was hooked. I find it so interesting the dynamic between the different ethnicities and also how the relationships between the inmates build with each episode. I loved the storyline with Daya played by the gorgeous Dascha. Her fuller figure suit bold dresses with cut out details and her complexion really makes this dress pop. 

Melissa McCarthy

From the moment I saw Bridesmaids at the cinema, I thought that Melissa was the breakout star. She is so funny she brings me to tears and she really knows how to dress on trend and age appropriate which I think is so important for the older woman. Some styles can be frumpy when dressing a bigger frame but she really knows which designers suit her. 

Ashley Graham

Like the day I first heard the term “super model” I also remember the day the first plus sized model walked down the catwalk and Ashley has really found her niche in successful runway and editorial campaigns so early in her career. She really knows how to show off her hourglass figure and accentuate her curves with the peekaboo neck line and thigh high split of this red dress. I love how she pairs this va va voom number with simple hair and shoes – with a figure like that accessories should be kept to a minimum. 

Rebel Wilson

With a host of hilarious movies and adverts under her belt this Aussie star is on the rise. I loved her in pitch perfect where although her weight was initially made fun of, her talent shone through and I love how her fun attitude transcends to her sense of style on the red carpet also. This navy, sparkly long sleeved shift dress is both flattering and clings to her curves effortlessly. I love the classic court shoes and curly hair also – as though she has just stepped off the a beach in Sydney straight to a red carpet event. 

Jonah Hill

Although he has made countless films, for me I loved him in Wolf of Wall Street. His dress sense in that movie was all pastel golf jumpers and plaid trousers but he really knows how to pull off a tailored suit and tie for a premiere. The importance of a great fitting suit should be a staple of every mans wardrobe, finding the balance between broad shoulders and a thicker middle can make for the most attractive look for any man dressing for an important occasion. 

What with Joan in her fitted dresses in Mad Men to Oprah Wimphrey on her daily chat show, there are so many personalities on our screens which are constantly pushing the boundaries of what society deems attractive and it’s so exciting to see even fashion designers are including fuller “real” women in their campaigns. It is so important to show the next generation that they do not need to be super skinny, have cascading blonde locks or be of a certain skin colour to be the best version of themselves they can be. Beauty should not be defined by any of those parameters, it truly is in the eye of the beholder. 

Until next time, take care

Keya X

Bollywood and Beyond

Good day my advertising adventurers,
As I know I have told you in previous posts, when I was growing up I immersed myself in Fashion magazines and I used to have Fashion TV on repeat all day during the summer holidays – I just couldn’t get enough. When I was in my early 20’s, I was scouted by a talent agency whilst waiting for my mum outside Sloane Square station. This quickly led to me having a portfolio shoot done in a top London studio which was an amazing experience. I feel extremely lucky to have been in a few adverts on television and I also was an extra on the Pride of Britain Awards where I got to meet an air stewardess who delivered a baby mid flight – she was truly inspirational. Even though my career in the industry has been put on hold for now, I have the utmost respect for people who have worked so hard  and overcame such rejection and competition to become successful in the entertainment industry which leads me perfectly onto the third installment of my interview trilogy. Please can  I introduce to you one of my cousins, Carla Dennis.
Hi Carla, thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview. For those of my followers who are not yet familiar with you, can you introduce yourself and tell us what you do for a living?

Hi Keya, My name is Carla, I am a South African Fashion model and trained actress residing in Mumbai. I have recently completed my first Bollywood film.

Have you always wanted to model or did you have another dream job when you were growing up?

A chef

What made you move to Mumbai from Cape Town?

During law school in Pretoria, South Africa I was scouted by an editor from Vogue India during the IPL matches. I thereafter became a finalist in Miss Bollywood representing Shah Rukh Khan’s team – The Kolkata Knight Riders.


In your opinion, what is the best thing about moving overseas?

The ability to discover many new cultures and to grow mentally, spiritually and intellectually outside of your comfort zone.

Do you prefer high fashion shoots or television advertising campaigns?

Each are fun and exciting but my true love is television advertising campaigns which allows me to act.


Do you have a strict diet and exercise plan or are you more of a everything in moderation person?
I do not believe in diets, what matters most to me is being healthy and eating nutritionally dense foods. My eating plan consists of mostly fruits, vegetables, lean protein, plenty of water and nuts. Vitamins and supplements are very important to ensure my immunity and antioxidants are intact. I have a cheat day once a week which includes everything from sushi to ramen.  I also have an exercise plan which includes weight lifting, kickboxing, Pilates and dance.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

An organic food brand owner, an established actress, living by the sea with my huge family and dogs.

If you could give any advice to my readers who are looking to break out in the modelling industry what would it be?

 Always believe in yourself. Don’t allow anyone to stand in the way of your destiny. Go for what you want and work hard.  A positive attitude , dedication, confidence and a good aura will take you to the top. As Aaliyah quoted: ‘If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again’.
Just as a bit of fun here is a quick fire round Carla. Which out of the two do you prefer?
Hair – Curly or straight? Straight
Smokey eye or bold lips? Bold Lips
Dress and heels or trainers and gym wear? Trainers and Gym Wear
Winters cosy by the fire or swimming in the ocean during summer? Ocean for sure
Boxing or yoga? Boxing
Salad or a burger? Salad
Career driven or happy go lucky? Both
Thank you so much for taking part in this interview Carla, I wish you continuing success in your already stellar career. For anyone wishing to keep up to date with Carla you can see her soon in the Abbas Mustan Bollywood movie “Machine” or follow her on Instagram @carlaruthdennis.
until next time, take care
Keya x

Class act 

Good morning my Chic chameleons,

What with all that has been happening in politics and in the media over the last few months, my focus has really been brought to the fact that although some people have abundant levels of resources or money, it still does not buy class or poise. I think these are attributes you are either born with or not, anyone can put on a Chanel jacket but this does not always make you the woman who Coco prided herself in dressing.

I thought for this weeks post I would go through my top six people in the public eye both past and present, who I have always thought exude elegance and style.

(All images courtesy of google images)

1) Grace Kelly

I have such fond memories of when I was a little girl during the summer when my mum was doing the washing, I also would wash all my Barbies clothes and hang them on the line at the same time. Once our “work” was done we would go inside and there would always be an old black and white movie playing in the background. This was the first time I ever laid eyes on Grace Kelly. To me she looked like a real life princess with her regal features and perfectly coiffed hair long before she actually married the Prince of Monaco.

2) Audrey Hepburn

My love for black and white movies continued from then on and I was soon introduced to the wonderful Audrey Hepburn. I have watched Breakfast at Tiffanys countless times ogling over the wonderful designs from Givenchy and it was that film which gave me the inspiration to always incorporate a little black dress in my own wardrobe.

3) David Gandy 

I still remember the day when I saw the Dolce and Gabbana light blue perfume advert on the tv for the first time. The contrast between the clear ocean reflected in his eyes and his tanned skin set off by his white swimming trunks, I was transfixed. The cinematography of that advert was mesmerising. David Gandy is the first known male supermodel in the world and his style off the catwalk is as classical and elegant as on the runway. All of his three piece suits are tailored on Saville Row in London -the clean lines and fit are truly unmistakable.

4) Natalie Portman

I have always loved the films that Natalie has made over her career but I think her defining role for me was in V for Vendetta. The scene where she has her head shaved is so raw and heart wrenching I instantly had compassion for her. I know how important hair can be to some women but as I have also had a buzz cut style a few times in my 20’s, I found it liberating. You cannot hide behind you hair any longer, your face is on full display and also it grows back so quickly I think experimenting with styles and colours is so much fun. 

5) James Dean

My childhood crush when I was in primary school of Macauley Caulkin (who didn’t think he was the cutest in Home Alone and Ritchie Rich) soon escalated onto James Dean when I reached secondary school. His smouldering all American good looks and uniform of a plain white T shirt under a rugged leather biker jacket was so rebellious and so far removed from all the other lead actors in films during that time. I absolutely love nautical stripes as I’ve told you before so this photo below really sums up why he features on my list.

6) Marilyn Monroe

And finally I have saved the best for last, my wonderful idol and timeless muse Ms Monroe. Ever since I can recall, the tradition for my family on Christmas Day is to watch Some Like it Hot in the evening. I have seen it probably a hundred times but I still love it. My favourite moment ever is when she comes bustling along the train platform in her fitted pencil skirt, stopping to straighten the seam down the back of her stockings – she just exudes sexiness and femininity. Even though her personal life plagued the headlines more than her film reputation she is still my favourite on screen heroine. She was both sensual but approachable which is proven by the amount of women as well as men who adored her. You are greatly missed MM but as we both share our birthdays in the month of June, I will always pay a tribute to you on your special day 😍

Although these are just a handful of the instantly recognisable faces who have helped shape my childhood, there are many more who I seek daily inspiration from online or in magazines. Those public figures have taught me that less really is more, I do not need to have all of my assets on show to be seen as attractive and also that no matter how successful financially or in my career I become that being classy and chic is not nurtured in an individual but something I certainly aspire to have been born with. Making good choices in your wardrobe and in life in general, will certainly lead you on the right path. 

Until next time take care

Keya X

Brawn & Brains

Good day my sports loving stars,
As you will have read in my earlier posts, I am a keen sports enthusiast and over the years I have competed in a range of sports from Athletics, triathlons and running races. For any kind of event you are training for,  it really helps your performance and to reach your goals to be disciplined with your diet and training so I have the utmost respect for anyone who excels in their sporting field which brings me perfectly to my guest this week.
Please welcome my friend Steve, who is UKBFF British bodybuilding champion under 80 KG and owner of Extreme Nutrition store in Romford.
Hi Steve, thanks for agreeing to take part in this interview. For the purpose of my followers, what do you do for your day job?
I am the managing director of Extreme Nutrition, a supplement and health store located in Romford, Essex and we have an online site too. I also am a competition prep coach, preparing athletes to compete in bodybuilding, physique and fitness shows.



When you aren’t training for a competition what do you do in your spare time? 
 I like to read personal development books and articles.  I also like to read and research training and nutritional studies.
Is there any truth to the myth, that the body is mostly built in the kitchen not the gym? Is it mostly down to diet what separates the best from the average bodybuilders?
It’s true that diet is the most important element and you are absolutely built from what goes on in the kitchen. But in order to be the best you need to do everything with 100% effort and consistency. This part is the key to achieve not only a shredded physique but a conditioned one!! This is what wins shows… Of course lots of time in the gym supports this but it’s about delivering workouts that are consistent, with good form day in, day out!
What is your standard outfit for working out in? 
Extreme nutrition jogging bottoms and hoodie and for cardio I drop down to Nike combat running tights for support and agility. Of course you need good footwear so Otomix for workouts and Asics for cardio.
Do you get any merchandise from your sponsors or do you prefer to stick to the brands that are tried and tested which work for you?
  I do, but I always keep to the Extreme Nutrition tracksuits as branding is key to creating a strong business and personal reputation. But I do mix it up with xxxl wear who make great gym tops and of course I always stay faithful to the Nike running tights and footwear mentioned above.
Being as ripped as you are, is it hard to fit into “regular” sized clothes? Are there are any shops that cater for athletes especially?
 Trousers and jeans especially can be a pain to find however when I find something that suits me I buy loads. I find Uniqlo great for trousers which generally have a wider leg fit. I’m also a big fan of All Saints tops and there is a great new longwear range (longer length tops etc) for men from Topman and H and M.

image2 (1)

What does an typical day in your life consist of?
Get up, shower, gym, train weights, cardio, sauna, work, commute home with my little boy, bath, dinner, bed … Repeat.


Besides competing, what else are your true passions?
 Reading and going away to spas, massages, pampering, pedicures – it’s important to look after yourself and your well being. Spending quality time with my wife and children.


And finally for anyone wishing to get into body building or even just to get healthier, do you have any advice to a complete beginner?

Stay consistent and be persistent. You have to get into this sport with true love, where you live and breathe it – everything you do, do it with integrity. Whether it’s your diet, exercise or general well being, the results will come.

Please check out Steve on his website extremenutrition.co.uk or follow him on Instagram @extremenutritionstore where you to can take that first step to a better you 😀
Until next time take care
Keya X

Print party

Hello my pattern loving people,

As far back as I can remember I have always relished wearing bright colours and bold prints. On a dreary day there is nothing better to put a spring in your step than to wear something radiant. For today’s post I am going to delve back into my archives to show you some of my favourite print outfits and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe. 

The above picture was taken when I was working overseas in Cape Town, I am partial to a stripe especially Breton  (those closest to me will definitely agree) and I just loved the candy colours of this dress. It is perfect for a night out or even with a cardigan for work.   

 The above dress I wore whilst on holiday in Sicily. I love how the white accents set off my tan beautifully and the Aztec pattern flattered my athletic frame. I wore this dress with stilletto heels and a clutch bag for that evening but it would look just as nice with a pair of gladiator sandals and a tan suede bucket bag in a more casual setting. 

This outfit I wore whilst learning how to surf in Bali. It actually is a bikini coverall but the pastel colours are so beautiful you could totally wear it around town also during the day. This style of dress is perfect to take on vacation as it is super lightweight to optimise the space in your suitcase and can be worn over any colour bikini – excellent mix and match potential 😀

Ahh how I loved wearing this flamingo print navy and cobalt blue dress whilst I was in Venice. It was ideal for lazy wanderings taking in the sights in the sunshine. I paired it with a cross body bag and sandals but this outfit would equally work with peep toe court shoes and a tote bag for work. 

This tie die inspired floaty dress was wonderfully received whilst in Positano. The spaghetti straps and deep V neck suit my wide shoulders and flatter chest and the longer length kept it a bit more appropriate and classic for a fine dining restaurant. I paired it with black suede wedges and an Alice band in my hair.

If you have ever wondered how to do print for an social occasion like a wedding or a black tie event, hopefully the above look will give you some inspiration. I loved this champagne coloured dress with a lace overlay. The panelling on the sides were slimming and the wider straps can flatter either a broad frame or a larger bust. My peep toe Louboutins and my Chanel evening bag were the perfect finishing touches.

As you can see there are so many ways to inject some colour and print into your own everyday wardrobe – you can either start with just one bold piece and build it up from there or be like me and just wear everything together – who doesn’t love rainbows right?? 😁 

Just a quick note, from this week going forward rather than do a post each week I am going to extend it to every fortnight now. I just want to ensure I can write thought provoking, interesting pieces and having an extra week will give me a chance to achieve that. Watch this space for more exclusive interviews, my style inspirations and just my usual silliness! 

Take care and talk soon

Keya X