5 things to help you stay positive during Lockdown 2.0

5 things to help you stay positive during Lockdown 2.0

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Coming into focus.

Good morning to you my visual media vixens,

For this months blog post, I am ecstatic to have been able to interview my friend Garry McManus, who is an Ibiza based videographer. His talent for capturing those intimate and special moments on a couple’s wedding day is a rare gift, which I am sure you will see from some of the pictures I have included in this post. Without further ado, I introduce to you Garry.

(Images courtesy of Maria Simon photography)


Hi Garry, thank you for agreeing to this interview. For those of my followers who don’t know you, can you just explain where you live and what you do for a living?

Hi Keya, first of all I´d like to say a big thank you for asking me to feature on your blog.
I live in Ibiza and have been here full-time for the last 4 years since my son Noah was born here on Dec 8th 2013.  I´ve been coming to Ibiza since 2004 and fell in love with the island many years ago. The energy here is like nowhere else in the world and it just feels like home so it just always felt right being here and where I feel like myself more than anywhere else in the world. It´s funny looking back to 2004 as I had never been to Ibiza apart from when I was too young to remember and I just booked a one way ticket thinking I´ll see what happens…
That summer I stayed for 4 months and things worked out so well it was crazy but little did I know that this beautiful island had so much more in store for me. It´s hard to explain but it´s been the making of me in that I have my beautiful son Noah here and the career I dreamt of. I sometimes joke and say I´ll wake up one day back in my old life but for now the dream is real and I keep that in mind everyday to stay focussed.
I have my own business here called Infin8 Images which I started back in 2014 working as a videographer which is my absolute dream. It started as a hobby just back in 2011 when I was travelling through Asia & India and I´m just drawn to it all the time and work from home when I´m not filming so I often find myself at the computer editing. It´s my meditation and I love it so I´m happy to put in the hours. As Steve Jobs once said… The only way to do great work is to love what you do. I´m fortunate that I’ve found that and to do it in a place like Ibiza but the journey to this point was far from easy. You just have to take a leap of faith and give it everything if you really want to do the thing you love.
I actually met you at one of the amazing Swankys events a number of years ago. Do you have fond memories of those years?
Yes we met many years ago during a different stage in my life. I have some great memories from those days and the guy´s from that era of my life are all still my best friends to this day with Parris also living here in Ibiza and the godfather to my son so we´re still close. He´s a DJ so we´re both in the creative industry and now we often have a chess night with a glass of red wine to wind down and chill as we both have hectic work schedules. Swanky´s was really the first of it´s kind with what we did and so many people had a lot of fun so I always look back with fond memories but I´m happy to have moved on to the next chapter in my life now.

3) Do you ever miss the modelling world?

No I don´t miss it at all. I never really enjoyed it to be honest and only really liked doing jobs with the guys so I was happy to leave that all behind. Many of my friends have had great careers in modelling but I feel much more at home behind the camera filming.
What made you get into videography and how did you start out?
I always loved photography but my background is in sport. When I first left school I was a professional footballer doing that for 3 years at Southampton until the age of 19 when I was released and my whole world fell apart as I had no clue what to do from there. I was fortunate enough to get into the modelling and promo world whilst at uni meeting some amazing people along the way all through my 20s doing some really fun jobs so I was having fun working but I always knew that it wasn´t a long-term career path and often thought what my next step would be but never really knew until I had the urge to buy my first DSLR camera back in 2009. I was heading over to New York for a few days and thought it would be cool to get a camera and take some nice pictures. I had a blast and people loved the pictures which gave me the confidence to pursue it. Being around the modelling world at the time helped as I was able to do some test shoots with friends and it kind of picked up from there. I then went travelling through Asia in India over a 2 year period where I really got into it and fell in love with taking pictures. It took me to some incredible places especially through India but I never had it in my mind about being a career as it was so hard to break into the world of photography and make money so I always just thought it would be a hobby. Maybe the best thing I did was starting to film whilst in Cambodia during 2011 and teaching myself how to edit as I went. I´m sure those first videos would make me cringe but it´s a progression and everything has to start somewhere so I have to thank my 2011 for starting as it ultimately created the opportunity to have the life I have now.
What is your favourite kind of shoot to do?

My main line of work is filming weddings. It´s been an incredible journey from 2014 to now which I sometimes look at and say how did this happen, it´s crazy but I appreciate every minute of it. The thought of filming weddings back in the early days around 2012-2013 when I was still living in the UK didn´t interest me and I thought I´d never do it but as soon as I did my first wedding here in Ibiza I was hooked. It´s a whole different ball game and the weddings here are amazing. That´s not to say the weddings in England aren´t good but I just feel like I´m in a bubble here and everything reflects that. I will often have client meetings sat around swimming pools with Noah playing in the pool splashing us which wouldn´t happen in the UK and that makes it feel extra special having him involved on some level.

It´s a very personal experience filming a wedding so I like to meet the couple before the big day and really get to know them so we´re more like friends and they feel comfortable with me having the camera on them. During the day I try to be in the background as much as possible but during the getting ready shots i´m often in hotel rooms with a lot of people so they have to feel at ease with me being there so I get the natural shots.

Also, knowing that they´ll have the film in the family for the rest of there lives and beyond makes it a very special experience and creates a really nice connection between myself and the couple. The feedback over the years has been incredible which I don´t get from shooting anything else like fashion as an example which makes it all worthwhile and makes me want to create something special for every couple.

Couple´s often have film screening parties at home and send me little video clips of everyone watching which makes it feel very real and that´s when I feel the pressure as up until then i´m on my own making the edit so seeing people watch it and their reaction makes me see and feel the importance of doing a great job by giving the couple a film there proud to share.

Besides work, what hobbies do you have or what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Well I have to be honest that over the last 2 years it´s been non stop work as things have really taken off now so I´ve neglected my hobbies for the time being but when I had the time and when I go back to them my hobbies include… Kite surfing, Bike rides, gym and i´ll be doing a yearly snowboarding holiday with Noah. For me, kite surfing is the one which I learnt 2 years ago and plan to do some amazing adventures around the world kite surfing in all the best places with Noah making a movie of our life together as we go. I´ve been filming him since he was born with this in mind so now that he´s getting a little older we can start doing some adventure sports and make things a lot more interesting. It´s going to be amazing, I can´t wait to share those experiences with him seeing his face.

Have you mastered the work/ life balance?Definitely not! I´m a workaholic but if I´m honest I was always drawn to taking pictures, filming and editing when I wasn´t working back before this was my career so now I just get to do what I enjoy the most and can make a nice life from so I never feel like I´m working. I do have to get the balance back in my life more than I have now but starting a business from scratch doing something I haven´t made money from previously in another country isn´t easy but I´m happy that it´s paid off so I´m happy to work as much as I need to make things the best they can be.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Right now I call these the building years… It´s like playing chess. I have my goals and surround myself everyday with my vision board which is now a whole wall full of things I want to attract into my life but it´s not about the material possessions it´s about the freedom and the choice to do what I want whenever I want with the people I love. I want to create a life full of adventure that I can share with my family and friends and film the moments along the way so we never forget. I didn´t have much growing up but I owe my determination to that upbringing and wouldn´t change it for the world but I want my mum to have a nice life so I have that in mind. I´d love to be the best wedding videographer in the world so right now my focus with work is on that and then I´d like to branch out into other areas of filming but I also love boats and plan to buy a boat so I can go between filming and being out on the boat fusing the 2 together as I´d be filming people have fun on the boat so for sure in 10 years that´s the life I imagine living here in Ibiza. And then travelling with my family having adventures and seeing the world together during the winter months.
Thank you so much for your time Garry. For those of my readers who are looking for a Videographer, what is the best way to get in touch with you?
If you´d like to see any of my films you can view them via my Vimeo site – https://vimeo.com/user7009494
My website www.infin8images.com is currently being updated with lots of great new content at the moment. If you´d like to contact me for any work related inquiries you can email me at infin8images2016@gmail.com.

Now for a bit of fun, here is my infamous quick-fire round. Just answer with the first one which comes into your head. 

Sea or snow?Sea

Book or podcast?Book

Formal wear or casual? Casual but I do love a good suit.

Couture or street style?Street style

Beach or pool side?Hmmm… Beach

Clubbing or bar hopping?Bar hopping but prefer a good restaurant with nice food and a glass of red wine.

Photographs or videos?Videos

until next time, take care


Forza Italia

Good day to you my stylish superstars,

This past week we saw Milan Mens Fashion Week and it did not disappoint. For this instalment, I have picked out the key looks which certainly piqued my interest for the start of 2018.

(All images courtesy of google images)

1) Colour

Whether it was suits in bold primary colours or just a hint in a tie or sock, this year was all about colour. Continuing with the theme of trouser legs tapering in tight at the ankle and paired with a box fresh pair of trainers, this look was everywhere last week. If you are a little uncomfortable with going with head to toe colour, ease into it with one standout piece (it could even be a colourful pocket-chief to begin with) then as your confidence improves, up the standout ante.

2) Head and Eyewear combos.

From earlier posts, you would know I LOVE sunglasses. In my opinion, there is nothing that brings an outfit together like a perfectly coordinated pair of eyewear. This season though, when these eye wonders were paired with a fedora or trilby, it amped up the style to an 11. Even in the harshest of European winters, there is no excuse to not keep your head warm while still looking chic. There are so many varieties of hats on the market also, there is certainly one to match every occasion.

3) Tailoring.

I am such a huge fan of tailoring in my own wardrobe. The impact a perfectly fitting suit jacket worn over an a-line dress is dramatic at best, so you can imagine my delight when I saw how tailoring featured heavily in the catwalk shows in Milan. From three piece double breasted with accompanying pocket watches to the classic staple of a city work suit, I love the clean lines and simplicity of this trend. I am sure it is one to continue for many years to come.

4) Mellow yellow.

I am a huge SUMMER lover, especially in London so anything that reminds me of this season during the cold winter months is alright with me. The cat walks were awash with every shade of yellow and it just instantly puts a smile on my face. You can honestly go as bright as you dare and there really are no rules when it comes to this hue. Either pastel, canary or mustard – go with whichever shade works with your skin tone to incorporate this colour into your winter wardrobe.

5) The younger generation stealing the show.

We all know that fashion is evolving but style is everlasting. I still can recall, having Doc Marten boots in every colour to match whatever outfit I was wearing for the day when I was a child and I definitely think my love of Fashion was ingrained in me from birth. The younger generation were definitely stealing the show this year also, from two tone trench coats to father/ son matching aplenty but one thing I know for sure, these stylish young gentleman are surely going to be on our fashion radars for many decades to come.

These are just a few highlights from the awe inspiring Uomo Pitti 2018 but if there are any trends here that you just love, then my advice is to GO FOR IT. The world really is your oyster when it comes to personal style. Although we all have fashion fails at times, surely it’s more fun to have given it a try than to always play it safe.

Until next time,

Take care Keya x

The meaning of friendship 

Good day to you my heart of gold heroes, 

For this months post I really wanted to delve into the complex world of the strange, intimate and sometimes awkward human interaction fondly known as friendship. Moving to the other side of the world from those closest to me was one of the hardest decisions not only due to being away from my family but also being separated from my second “family” – my friends. 

(All images courtesy of google images)

Looking back at my life in my 31 years on this earth, it is staggering the amount of friendships I have maintained and lost over the years. When I was at school, I had a large groups of girl friends and we did everything together, I still remember fondly our prom night when we all went round to one of the girls houses and posed for photographs leaning against our rented limousine. We felt so special and grown up on that day. Although I am still close with that group of girls to this day through social media and if we bump into each other on the odd occasion, there is only one who is still my best friend to this day, 20 years on.

One of my other closest friends I actually met through a mutual male friend who both of us actually hardly talk to any longer but we’ve maintained a close connection still. We have countless stories of adventures across Europe and hilarious stories which only we share. 

Another I met through a running club I joined whilst living in South Africa when I was training for a marathon. It’s incredible to say we ran the race together and now that same friend has since got married and just had a baby with her loving partner. 

And last but not least, one of my other oldest friends I met at work and through sitting next to each other every day for three years (can you believe there wasn’t one argument) we’ve since been to Glastonbury, countless music festivals and laughed and cried more than some do in a lifetime together. 

It really warms my heart reminiscing about that handful of incredible, inspiring women in my life knowing that we still regularly keep in touch via the wonders of FaceTime, what’s app  and social media. Every time I see a message pop up from them, I get a small smile on my face knowing they are thinking of me as I am them everyday. 

And then having moved here, I already had some fully formed friendships with people I had met in London who are originally from Oz or friends from back home who have since emigrated so I felt like I wasn’t completely alone from the outset. 

One valuable lesson I have learnt as I’ve got older though is even if you have an amazingly supportive family, significant partner or a social calendar like the queen bee, I need to have friends in my life. From something as trivial as helping you decide what nail colour to pick at the weekend to whether you should apply for that dream job, to crying over an argument or just laughing about inside jokes until your stomach hurts, that is something that makes me whole.

If you are anything like me, you would like to have it all – the stellar career, the show worthy home, to be surrounded by people who love and respect you, to be a great parent, to be a good friend and be an upstanding member of society. Having all of this though, does not equate to having a lot of free time so that is why we are so much more selective with who we spend this time with. Friendships should be two sided, and the minute one side is slipping, it can be really hard to get back to where you once were. The hard fact of it is though, it’s all part of the circle of our adult life and I actually applaud it. 

With every fibre of my being, I love, respect and admire all of the amazing people in my life and even if you have only one truly incredible person who you know has your back, then the sun will always shine on you every day for the rest of your life. Human interaction is what keeps us humble and I cannot get enough of it ❤️

Until next time, take care

keya x

Have your cake and eat it too. 

Good morning my busy, bustling beauties,

After being between jobs for a few weeks, I managed to secure my second job since being in Australia and this week is my second in the role. This months post is dedicated to the trials and tribulations of being a woman in 2017. 

 Although it truly has been a blessing for me to get back into the corporate world after a brief hiatus, I openly admit I have personally struggled with my time management since starting and I’ve had an epiphany which I am sure many of you share. 

During my time off, I was that person who was up at 6am bright and bushy tailed, hitting the gym for a class then coming home to either clean my apartment, organise my wardrobe, do the washing, prepare the dinner and maybe even squeeze in an episode of Suits all before my partner got home from work. 

Since going back to work however I haven’t been to a class this week yet (yes, I know its already Saturday 🙈), we’ve had meals that I can prepare in the shortest time known to mankind, and in my eyes the apartment has not been as immaculate as I would like.

(Images courtesy of google images)

It sounds silly, but it’s really been getting me down as even though I am getting home only around an hour later than I used to at my last company, I am struggling to do everything I used to do before. My question to myself and you all though, is why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to do it all? 

I cannot even begin to comprehend those amazing women who also have children in the mix. It truly amazes me when I see all the inspirational women around me who manage their household and a full time job whilst also having sometimes more than one young child at home. I have more admiration for you than I can even describe as, as you can see just work and home life can become overwhelming even for myself 🙈

I have realised though that it is not worth the sake of our health and wellbeing to get so hung up on feeling as though we need to have the successful career, successful family, choc full social life and beautiful show home all at the same time. If we didn’t get around to vacuuming or doing body combat today, there is always tomorrow. There are 7 days in a week for a reason 😀

As long as we continue to treat ourselves and those around us with respect and love and we look after our minds and our bodies then I think we are all navigating the role of being a 21st century woman just fine. 

Until next time, take care

Keya x

At one with the ocean

Good day to you my sea faring style icons, 

I am so excited to tell you all that for the last fortnight I have been undertaking surfing lessons much to my absolute delight. This is not my first foray into surfing; in 2011 I went on a yoga and surfing retreat so had a few lessons then although not with much success I may add. This post I am dedicating to that wonderful natural wonder – the deep blue sea. 

(Image courtesy of google images)

When I decided back in the earlier part of 2016 that I was going to be moving to Australia, I already was dreaming of summer days at the beach – surfboard under one arm and my waterproof camera on the other. As soon as I was settled I started researching surf schools on the Gold Coast and amongst the seemingly endless selection I found the Learn to surf in paradise school. I just immediately loved the no fuss website and the instructions about where to meet for my lesson were super easy to follow. On my first lesson there were only two other students and our Brazilian instructor immediately put us at ease and after learning he had been surfing for 20 years (although only being a year older than me) his experience really showed. With our lessons being held at the Spit beach, the rock wall on one side and the pier on the other really makes for the perfect waves for beginners. 


On my second lesson, it just fully clicked and I was standing up so many more times than wiping out (which believe me is such a relief because wow does that salt water sting after the 20th time haha) The feeling of just being you and the board out in the ocean gave me a similar feeling to being out on my bike on a triathlon training session or on an early morning run. It is so peaceful and so rewarding feeling that awesome wave pick you up and carry you towards the shore.

It really is a chance to let your fashion flare go to town as well. I love hitting the surf shops in town like Billabong, Roxy or City beach Australia to check out their new selection of rashies and board shorts. I recently just purchased a striped Roxy rashie which I pair with my black board shorts and my trusty Havaiana flip flops when I hit the surf. I also am on the market for my own surfboard too. The styles, sizes and colours vary so much dependant on your experience level, height and confidence but a good starting board is usually between 7 and 8 foot long with approximately 3 inches thickness to it to help with balance and being able to stand up efficiently when that wave comes along. 

If like me you have always been a water baby and enjoy the beach, salt in your hair and having ultimate peace and “you time” then just bite the bullet and sign up for a lesson today. Don’t just take it from me, find your own version of paradise ❤️

Until next time, take care

Keya x

Weekend wonders in the city. 

Good day to you my city dwellers, 

I hope you have had a wonderful few weeks just as I have. This past weekend I took my loving partner in crime out to celebrate his birthday. I will admit panic stations set in when I knew I needed to organise something. I am still fairly new to Brisbane as you know, so my real creative researching had to be sought after to find the perfect venue. I think it’s safe to say it was a roaring success of a weekend 😀

All I told him on Saturday morning was to pack a bag with something smart for that evening and something casual to wear on Sunday. When he finished work we headed straight into the city and I directed him to where we would be staying for the night – the Hilton Brisbane. 

(Image courtesy of google)

When we went up to our room on the 16th floor this was the view out of our window. It truly was breathtaking. 

We relaxed for an hour before getting ready. I had purchased a new dress from a boutique shop near my work in Newstead which I paired with my Hugo boss court shoes and my trusty black leather biker jacket. I decided to go with an up do to show off my Swarovski embellished earrings and the high neck line of my dress. 

We then headed to the next part of his surprise. Earlier the previous week I had searched online for the best restaurants in Brisbane. There were so many listed but after reading some of the reviews on trip advisor and Expedia I weeded out the small portion size placed (my partner loves to eat and feel full at the end of a meal) and I eventually found where I booked a table – Blackbird Bar and Grill. 

(Image courtesy of google)

The decor of the restaurant was beautiful and we actually had the seating above overlooking the storey bridge which was lit up red for the occasion. We both ordered the wagyu sirloin steak with a selection of sides which was utterly divine. We had the perfect accompaniment of cocktails with our meal. After dinner, we headed to the bar area which had a dj and we managed to bag one of the über comfy quilted sofas much to our delight. We spent the evening laughing until our bellies hurt fuelled by lychee martinis and people watching.

(Image courtesy of google)

After a wonderful nights sleep in our king size bed we awoke to another beautiful morning over the city. We went to check out the rooftop pool after a luxurious buffet breakfast and I just had to take a picture of the reception area of the hotel before we checked out. It was simply spectacular. 


Even though it was only one night away we both said how it felt as though we had been on a mini holiday. It was so relaxing and just the perfect chance to spend some quality time together. What with work, teaching my spinning classes and our busy personal lives, it’s so important to make that extra effort to do fun activities with our loved ones. 

If you to are new to a city, consider it a hearty challenge not a burden to arrange a surprise weekend away. The internet is awash with information and I am sure with just a few clicks you will find the perfect destination that suits you. Life should be filled with new experiences and even if the place you pick wasn’t everything you had hoped for, learn from it and just smile. Wouldn’t life be boring if we had the answer to everything 😀

Until next time, take care

Keya x

Office life overseas

Good day to you my professional perfectionists, 

As you know I recently moved to Australia and I am so happy that after a month of searching I finally found a job in my professional field. A fortnight in and wow it’s been an eye opener 😀 For this weeks post I am going to reveal my findings of working in an office environment away from home. 

Fast forward back to the day of my interview and I remember making sure my dress was perfectly pressed and my hair just right before I left the house that morning. I had already google mapped the office location so knew it would take me around 30 minutes to get there by car but I gave myself an hour. I did not want that unexpected traffic jam or fender bender to prevent me from getting there on time. The two managers who interviewed me were so welcoming and friendly – I knew immediately that I would love to get the job 😀

I heard back that very afternoon that I was due to start in a few days and yes I definitely did do a little squeal of delight. Ha. I remember walking into the office in my black fitted shift dress and nude Louboutin heels on my first day and my new colleagues looked at my shoes and were like wow those are high. I didn’t even think twice when I got dressed that morning but I soon learned that with the amount of walking around and on our feet work we do every day, they may not have been the most practical attire. Having worked in the corporate world for over a decade I am just so used to my uniform of a smart dress and heels and even though I still maintain that here, I am definitely one of the exceptions in my team.

(All images courtesy of google)

Another new experience I’ve learned is the art of public transport in Brisbane. The buses truly are faultless and I love how they have their own unique lane (no traffic woohoo) and they are really reliable. The Go card system is very much like my trusty Oyster card in London and although I still have to anxiously watch every station when the bus stops to make sure I do not miss my one, I am still amazed by its effective simplicity daily. 

Another aspect that has been a real learning curve is forgetting that I sound unique. I am still shocked when people do a double take upon hearing my British accent. It’s incredible to think I am speaking the same language but still can sound so different. Although we live in a multi cultural society, I think we still are secretly surprised when we hear a colloquialism that is not that of the country we are in. 

With many companies becoming multinational, office moves overseas is becoming the norm. I am sure many of you have worked in various locations at one time or another so can hopefully relate to what I have experienced during my early months of living in Australia. There are always challenges and steep learning curves especially in the first few months but my advice would be to perservere. I promise it gets easier over time and you to will soon start feeling like a local even if you still do not sound like one. 

Until next time, take care

Keya x 

Sun, sea and surf at Straddie

Good day my weekend break enthusiasts,

This past weekend the whole family packed our bags, copious amounts of liquid entertainment and off we went to Stradbroke island which was just magical. It really is a hidden gem of paradise and really brought out the inner surf beach chick in me instantly. 

(All images courtesy of Google)

On Friday evening once work was finished for the weekend we boarded the car ferry to Straddie. Once we arrived we went to the family beach house and had a wonderful dinner altogether and then played a fun round of pictionary before bed. 

On Saturday morning we were up bright and early, and after filling ourselves with scrambled eggs and fruit we made our way down to the beach with the jet ski in tow. We spent a super morning racing the  jet ski along the sand bars, having running races along the beach, making sand castles and playing with the kids in the chilly ocean. I loved nothing more than the feeling of salt in my hair and the sand on my skin whilst in my black bikini and flip flops.

That evening we went for a lovely pub dinner and finished off the evening with drinks cuddled up at the beach house – sheer perfection. I felt in my element in the laid back setting to pair my skinny dark denim, high waisted Mango jeans with my camel coloured Ralph Lauren top and animal print laced mocassins from Nine West. I kept my hair loose and simple makeup to go with the ambient setting. 

On Sunday we again were up early, we checked out of our hotel and headed to a different beach this time where they had sand dunes and rock pools. The kids had the most fun sliding down the dunes on their boogie boards or finding crabs and other sealife in the naturally formed rock pools. 

We then came back to the house had some lunch and got showered before we had to head back to the ferry port to get our vessel back to Brisbane. We watched the most amazing sunset from the top deck of the ship and arrived home to some yummy leftovers and our own beds for the evening. 

Although the weekend went quickly, once we had returned I really felt as though we had had an lovely vacation and was so well rested. It truly is incredible to think in 45 minutes you can be in a place with the most untouched beaches, island cafes a plenty and is somewhere which can give you something that money cannot buy – quality time with your loved ones. 

Straddie you were simply amazing, I cannot wait to come and visit your shores again soon. 

Until next time, take care

Keya X

Class act 

Good morning my Chic chameleons,

What with all that has been happening in politics and in the media over the last few months, my focus has really been brought to the fact that although some people have abundant levels of resources or money, it still does not buy class or poise. I think these are attributes you are either born with or not, anyone can put on a Chanel jacket but this does not always make you the woman who Coco prided herself in dressing.

I thought for this weeks post I would go through my top six people in the public eye both past and present, who I have always thought exude elegance and style.

(All images courtesy of google images)

1) Grace Kelly

I have such fond memories of when I was a little girl during the summer when my mum was doing the washing, I also would wash all my Barbies clothes and hang them on the line at the same time. Once our “work” was done we would go inside and there would always be an old black and white movie playing in the background. This was the first time I ever laid eyes on Grace Kelly. To me she looked like a real life princess with her regal features and perfectly coiffed hair long before she actually married the Prince of Monaco.

2) Audrey Hepburn

My love for black and white movies continued from then on and I was soon introduced to the wonderful Audrey Hepburn. I have watched Breakfast at Tiffanys countless times ogling over the wonderful designs from Givenchy and it was that film which gave me the inspiration to always incorporate a little black dress in my own wardrobe.

3) David Gandy 

I still remember the day when I saw the Dolce and Gabbana light blue perfume advert on the tv for the first time. The contrast between the clear ocean reflected in his eyes and his tanned skin set off by his white swimming trunks, I was transfixed. The cinematography of that advert was mesmerising. David Gandy is the first known male supermodel in the world and his style off the catwalk is as classical and elegant as on the runway. All of his three piece suits are tailored on Saville Row in London -the clean lines and fit are truly unmistakable.

4) Natalie Portman

I have always loved the films that Natalie has made over her career but I think her defining role for me was in V for Vendetta. The scene where she has her head shaved is so raw and heart wrenching I instantly had compassion for her. I know how important hair can be to some women but as I have also had a buzz cut style a few times in my 20’s, I found it liberating. You cannot hide behind you hair any longer, your face is on full display and also it grows back so quickly I think experimenting with styles and colours is so much fun. 

5) James Dean

My childhood crush when I was in primary school of Macauley Caulkin (who didn’t think he was the cutest in Home Alone and Ritchie Rich) soon escalated onto James Dean when I reached secondary school. His smouldering all American good looks and uniform of a plain white T shirt under a rugged leather biker jacket was so rebellious and so far removed from all the other lead actors in films during that time. I absolutely love nautical stripes as I’ve told you before so this photo below really sums up why he features on my list.

6) Marilyn Monroe

And finally I have saved the best for last, my wonderful idol and timeless muse Ms Monroe. Ever since I can recall, the tradition for my family on Christmas Day is to watch Some Like it Hot in the evening. I have seen it probably a hundred times but I still love it. My favourite moment ever is when she comes bustling along the train platform in her fitted pencil skirt, stopping to straighten the seam down the back of her stockings – she just exudes sexiness and femininity. Even though her personal life plagued the headlines more than her film reputation she is still my favourite on screen heroine. She was both sensual but approachable which is proven by the amount of women as well as men who adored her. You are greatly missed MM but as we both share our birthdays in the month of June, I will always pay a tribute to you on your special day 😍

Although these are just a handful of the instantly recognisable faces who have helped shape my childhood, there are many more who I seek daily inspiration from online or in magazines. Those public figures have taught me that less really is more, I do not need to have all of my assets on show to be seen as attractive and also that no matter how successful financially or in my career I become that being classy and chic is not nurtured in an individual but something I certainly aspire to have been born with. Making good choices in your wardrobe and in life in general, will certainly lead you on the right path. 

Until next time take care

Keya X