Bold at the BAFTA’s.

Good morning to you my Film and Television fashionistas,

This past weekend, the 73rd British Academy Film Awards 2020 were held in the iconic Royal Albert Hall in London. This time of year always means awards season and with it comes my favourite bit – the FASHION! This year did not disappoint and I have picked my top looks from this years red carpet.

The EE British Academy Film Awards [BAFTAs] at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday 18 February 2018

(all images courtesy of google images)

Firstly lets start with the ladies and wow what with fringing/ asymmetrical/  bold colour blocking and sparkle, it was a smorgasbord of  cutting edge looks on the red carpet.

Renee Zelleweger who picked up the Best Actress award for playing the beloved Judy Garland donned a pastel pink Prada number that reminded me of candy floss and our favourite chocolate treats at Christmas time. The pale hue complimented her fair hair and pearly skin perfectly.

Renee - Prada

As you know from earlier posts, I am a HUGE fan of the LBD and it seems that was the dress of choice for a number of starlets this year. I particularly love the cut out back detail of Margot Robbie’s Chanel Haute Couture lace gown which is reported to have taken a whopping 690 hours to make. Emilia Clarke let her embellished dress do the talking with her paired back accessories and slicked back hair – something I have a penchant for also in my own style. Olivia Coleman’s floral Alexander McQueen’s masterpiece reminded me of a summer garden in full bloom – so exquisite.

_110746690_black-compOlivia Coleman - McQeen

Contrasting textures from fringing to beaded embroidery, feathers and pleats to all out trophy shimmer were the name of the game for some of the celebrities. I particularly love the clever illusion of dimension with the contrasting fabrics and the thick belt which accents the tiny waist of Vanessa Kirby’s Valentino gown. I also really like the sleek silhouette of Zoe Kravitz’s Saint Laurent dress. The gold tone really brings out her complexion and the way her lipstick matches her nail polish is an great detail.

Alice Eve - Ralph and Russo

Dasiy Ridley - Oscar De la RentaVanessa Kirby - ValentinoZoe Saint Laurent

And now onto the leading men of the silver screen. I am a huge fan of cobalt blue and the subtle satin piping detail of this Dior Tuxedo jacket on Joe Alwyn really makes this look young and edgy. Velvet is another of my absolute faves, especially in a blazer (I have a navy velvet jacket which I try to dig out every Spring) and this burgundy Armani look on Taron Egerton really adds some warmth to the starkness of the rest of his monochrome palette. Baroque detailing featured on John Boyega and Alex Wolff in Joshua Kane and wow what a colour explosion. The white shirt and tasseled velvet loafers paired with the post box red suit is an absolute winner in my eyes.

Joe Alwyn - DiorTaron Egerton - Armani

Alex Wolff - Joshua Kanegettyimages-1203620618

Although in our day to day lives, we may not be attending award shows or black tie events, we all can take away some great fashion tips from the red carpet.

Ladies, do not feel shy to be bold in your statement dresses whether it be lace, ruffles or pleats – just remember that if you are wearing a showstopping dress, tone down your accessories and hair/ makeup to really let it speak for itself.

For men, it is ALWAYS a good idea to experiment with colour, even if it is a small pop of a colourful pair of Happy Socks or a bright scarf – it will brighten up any dreary winter morning. Ankle length tailored trousers pair best with slip on loafers and no socks – this look is not limited to balmy summer days. No matter what though, fashion should be your way of showing your individually, sometimes making mistakes but also when you get it right – we all can feel like a movie star even for one day.

I am just going to leave you with a quote I saw this week which really stuck with me –

“Dress like you are going somewhere better later”

Take care,

Keya x

McQueen – Alexander McQueen.

Good evening my fashionable friends, 

This past weekend I was lucky enough to have attended the Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I had been eagerly anticipating the day when I could finally delve into the mind of this fashion great and I can safely say I was blown away by the show. 


Much like the notoriety of the above skull emblem which is emblazoned on anything from scarves, to bags, to shoes, anyone I have ever asked ” Who is Alexander McQueen” will have at the very least, heard of the designer.  He was known for breaking fashion norms, shattering boundaries and when the season was calling out for structured, tailored collections, he would be the only designer who would be de-constructing wool Blazers or slashing fitted trousers from the hem to the knee in an act of fashion rebellion which was equally adored and stubbornly tolerated. 

What I loved about his shows was the attention to detail on every piece. The dress above was painstakingly hand sewn using the finest silk material and when worn, skimmed the contours of the body flattering every curve and looking utterly breath taking from every angle. 

Each collection had a completely varied theme. The collection above was inspired by his love of wildlife – in particular birds. The “swan dress” on the left side was adorned with hundreds of thousands of individual feathers dyed to resemble a black swan. Even the shoes were completely made of feathers to match the dress perfectly. Mcqueen when asked about this collection revealed that his love of birds stemmed back to his own personal desire of wanting to feel “free” and not restricted in his creativity. 

Alexander came from very humble beginnings. His father was a taxi driver and they lived in the East End of London where he claims even walking down the street each day, there were endless inspirations for him. When he first started designing clothes, he used his benefits money to buy the cheapest fabrics he could find at his local haberdashery shop. This is a far cry from the beautiful dresses he was able to produce shown above. I personally feel because he started from the bottom, honing his craft with only a small allowance and heaps of enthusiasm, when he was finally able to use the best materials, this was one of the reasons why he poured so many hours of hard work into every piece he created. It was as though he felt the clothes deserved 100% of his soul to show his appreciation for how successful a designer he had become.

His last ever collection before he sadly took his own life, was known as the Aquiline collection. His inspiration was from the ocean, so he used fabrics in a variety of sea blues and greens, pairing the dresses with his infamous armadillo shoes (which shot even more into the limelight when Lady Gaga wore a pair in one of her music videos.) When interviewed about this collection in 2010, Alexander claimed he felt as though he had finally purged all of the ideas from his imagination and they had been captured perfectly in this show. He had completed all that he had set out on his fashion journey to achieve. 

This honestly was one of the highlights so far in my fashion life to have got a small glimpse into the wonderful world of this incredible man. I found the exhibition deeply haunting, slightly sadistic but most of all I felt disappointed and upset that we no longer have Alexander with us on this earth. He truly was a fashion genius, constantly striving to stand out from the shadows but never compromising his own beliefs or sources of inspiration.

One consolation is however, that although the man is no longer with us we still have his ethereal archived collections on display in museums to hopefully inspire the next generation of budding designers to follow their dreams no matter their background or social status. Alexander was the epitome of a ordinary individual who achieved extraordinary feats. 

  Until next week, take care

Keya x