Shipment success 

Good day to you my jet setting jewels, 

The next step of my Aussie adventure unfolded just before Christmas when my long awaited shipment of personal effects arrived in Brisbane port. After 5 long, agonising months seeing those boxes stacked up in the room was enough to bring tears to my eyes. As I’m sure any of you have moved overseas will relate, you never quite feel settled until you are surrounded  with “your things” right? 

The next challenge was where on earth was I going to put all of these items, bearing in mind we recently had moved into a one bedroom apartment where storage is not known as a new build’s fortay. 

So after much huffing and standing with my hands on my hips procrastinating, I grudgingly opened the first box armed with my “keep” and “charity shop” piles. I was surprised to find the decision was made oh so easy as I found that some of my possessions which were perfect for the cool winter days and average temperature summers of London were completely inappropriate here. In the same breath, all of my beautiful summer dresses and easy, breezy shorts and vest combos were well needed after 5 months of rotating the same weeks worth of clothes! Also it is awesome to know that none of them can be found in shops close by – its always fun to be unique and quirky don’t you think 😀

Once my clothes piles were organised, I felt a huge sense of relief come over me that the mammoth task was actually a lot easier than I had expected. My new wardrobe in my apartment is still filled with my favourite items from home but are now just worn with a subtle twist. Those pencil shift dresses I usually paired with opaque tights and a cardie are now worn with bright coloured flats and coordinating sunglasses and those beautiful summer dresses are jazzed up with relaxed beachy waves in my hair and my rainbow selection of havaianas. 

One thing that definitely has not changed since my move is my love of pampering. Although I greatly miss my fave nail salon Gossip nails in my home town, I have managed to find a great nail place close to my home in the city who has a huge selection of shellac and OPI colours but the key difference is when I always used to go for deep burgundys or reds as it suited the London climate, now I can experiment more with cute pastels or bright shades I never dreamed I would be brave enough to try. 

One key learning factor for me being away from my things for so long I discovered, when they did eventually arrive I soon realised that you have to adapt to the environment you live in. Of course, I relish the days when I can unpack my big thick cable knit jumpers and over the knee boots when I spend frosty winters back home, but for now my new slimmed down wardrobe is easy, cool in the summer heat and also deep down I feel deeply grateful that the items I did take to the charity shop will be lovingly worn and admired by someone who perhaps needs them more than me right now. 

Although it’s great to have lots of beautiful, material things around us to make us feel as though we have achieved wealth and success in life, ultimately we live in a disposable world which constantly evolves and changes so we must go hence forth with it. Anyway, at the end of the day, material things are not coming with us when we leave this earth, but experiences and love of our families and friends will always be within us. 

Until next time, take care

Keya x

Happy new year and new you 😀

Good day to you my 2017 heroes,

I must apologise profusely for my radio silence for the last month. What with moving into my first apartment in Brisbane and the Christmas/New Year period I have been so busy and just not had a moment to sit down and put pen to proverbial paper as they say. I hope the festive period was wonderful for you and your families and you are ready and raring to begin 2017 with gusto. 

I have had the most wonderful few months. In what felt like a true whirlwind, we decided that we were ready to start looking for a place to call our own and literally the second new apartment block we looked at, we found the perfect place to call our first home together here. Boy, I was like a kid in a candy store when we went furniture shopping – picking out our bed, sofa and all the bits in between. It feel so much more exciting knowing it is for YOUR place, so you really can let your passion for interior design run free. We went with a neutral colour scheme  with flashes of teal and grey which really complimented the white backdrop perfectly.

Before we knew it the Christmas period was nearly upon us and we were then thrust into the frenzy of gift purchasing and finishing our last few days at work before the holidays. Christmas Eve was spent with my partners family and although the weather was so humid and the sun was beaming, it still felt Christmassy pulling crackers and eating roast turkey with stuffing.

The rest of our vacation was spent by our buildings pool, lazy days watching movies and lounging on Queenslands finest beaches. 

No matter what we did to fill our days however, the most important thing for me which truly is priceless was getting to spend quality time with my love and his family. Although I truly missed my own family back home in London more so then I do every day, I know that home really is where the heart is and mine is always with them. 

So whether your New Years resolution this year was the same as every year previously, or one that could only be more pressing for 2017, just remember that life really is for living, no bad decision can be regretted more than not making one at all and if we have positive, happy people around us that is worth more than any fortune you can earn in a lifetime in my opinion. 

With love and enthusiasm for what I plan to bring to my avid followers in this New Year, until next time take care, 

Keya x 

Moving isn’t always easy

Good morning my travel companions,

I am so sorry for my delay in posting this fortnight, I have had such a hectic transition period as some of you may already know I have just moved to Australia from London. For this weeks post I wanted to document my decision to move and how the process has been for me so far.  

Just over a year ago, I was on a night out in Shoreditch celebrating completing the London triathlon when across the bar my eyes met with a tall, dark, handsome stranger and I felt butterflies in my stomach. We chatted and danced all night and the rest they say is history. In the time we have been together we have been to music festivals, out for dinner in amazing restaurants, spent Christmas together with my family and I also got to meet his entire family whilst on a holiday to his home country of Australia. 

When we discussed the possibility of me moving to Australia to start a new chapter in my life, of course at first I was petrified. It would mean giving up my job, my car, my life as I knew it and moving to the other side of the world away from my wonderful family and friends but after careful consideration I knew I had to do it. 

I am sure we all have felt that pit of dread inside at one time or another when we feel as though things have got comfortable. I was at a point where although I loved my job and had been happily employed with my company for over six years, I knew my role inside out and was not feeling challenged anymore. Outside of work my weeks were filled with catching up with friends, doing my various sporting activities and spending time with my family whilst saving for a deposit. I soon realised that we all have our own lives though, and weeks or months can go by before you realised – oh sugar you haven’t responded to that email or whatsapp message. 

Ultimately my decision was spurred on by the sheer excitement of the unknown so after a stressful last few months organising shipping, selling my belongings and seeing everyone I packed my suitcases and embarked on my new adventure. 

I am now two weeks in and although I have had times where I am utterly confused about job recruitment agency processes or even just trying to figure out the new currency I can safely say I am so pleased I made this leap. 

As individuals it is so important to always be striving to be the best version of ourselves we can be. Complacency is a virtue, to live your life with regrets is not a way to live full stop. Surely you would sleep soundly at night knowing that you took that step, gave it your all and then if it still wasn’t for you, you can go back to your old self with relative ease. 

So whether you are unsure about taking up those self protection karate classes, quitting your job and starting your own business or even just asking for a well deserved promotion my advice would always be – just GO for it, what do you have to lose. We can always make more money or obtain more material things, but experiences truly are priceless. 

Until next time, take care

Keya X

Awesome Australia 

Good day my wonderful wanderers, 

I hope you had a lovely month of March and Easter break, enjoying the time with your families, eating and being merry and just having some well needed time off.

I just returned from a fabulous vacation in Australia. It was my first time visiting that part of the world and I can confirm that I left a little part of my heart there. It really is such a vast, beautiful expanse with abundant nature, gorgeous coastlines and trendy cities. This was the view from the Brisbane river at night – simply spectacular.

I am such a beach girl at heart, give me sand between my toes and the sun on my face and I am smiling from the inside out. Whilst in Aus I was lucky enough to visit a fair few of them from Byron Bay to Coolangatta to Burleigh heads and each had their own unique personality. The white sands stretched as far as the eye could see and the ocean was as wild and unruly as my hair most mornings. Haha. 


I couldn’t believe it when I arrived to my accommodation and opposite there was a Westfield shopping centre. I had travelled nearly an entire day to get there and I was instantly transported back to one of the many shopping centres I frequent back home in London. Albeit the shops inside were slightly different but when I was in need of some beach shorts or to get my nails done, I knew I would be in luck in there. 

It was incredible to me how everything is so accessible also. If we drove 45 minutes from Brisbane we were on the Gold Coast or the same distance inland we arrived in a tropical paradise. The falls at Mount Tamborine were truly breathtaking. Who would have known after walking in the brush for 15 minutes this natural wonder would be revealed. 

One of the highlights of my trip was snorkelling over the Great Barrier Reef. We flew to Cairns and did a whole day tour of the reef. The choppy conditions on our way out to the reef were quickly replaced by the incredible views beneath the water. It was like an alternate universe as soon as I put my face beneath the surface and I and I am still pinching myself that we did it.

 Exploring this beautiful country was an absolute experience of a lifetime for me. I got to see Australia from a local perspective not as a tourist per se and I could even turn a blind eye at the thought of giant spiders, cockroaches and sharks whilst being surrounded by such natural wonders. It is not good bye Australia, but see you again.

Until next week, take care

Keya X