Every cloud has a silver lining.

Good day my wind blown wonders, 

Unless we were all living under a rock in the last week, we would have been unable to avoid the awful news of the multiple attacks around the world which just breaks my heart. It almost seems wrong of I to post an upbeat blog entry but I guess to show solidarity and strength when faced with adversity – ‘the show must go on’ and I personally do not want to look as though we have been beaten. I have close friends and colleagues who live in Paris and I know they are being wholeheartedly British and stubborn at this time, not living their lives in fear as us Londoners did also during 7/7. 

(Photo courtesy of Google images)

Onto lighter matters now and I am sure what with the clocks changing a few weeks ago you will have noticed how much darker it is getting earlier in the evenings and how although unseasonably mild still, the cold brisk mornings have returned to us once more.

I will wholeheartedly admit I am NOT a winter or cold person (give me a hot climate where I can wear my flip flops and bikini please) but one thing I do love about this time of year is being able to explore my winter wardrobe again. 

I am a huge fan of cosy cable knits,thick tights and awesome overcoats. Each year I always return to my fail safe favourites although usually I do try to update my collection as styles vary slightly each year. 

For the office I love wearing a fitted woolen polo neck with a high waisted skirt and my knee high leather boots from Dune or one of my amazing knitted jumper dresses paired with black 80 deniers and my Russell and Bromley Chelsea boots. 

For casual attire at the weekends I usually turn to my array of Massimo Dutti and Gap oversized jumpers which I usually team with my skinny wet look jeans and leather high tops.

For evenings out in winter when you cannot bare the thought of going out with bare legs, a great over the knee pair of boots look fab with an evening dress or even tights and heeled ankle boots work a charm. The goose pimple leg look is seriously not worth the bother in my opinion. 

Believe me, you do not need to forego your style just because the dark nights are setting in. There are some incredible winter overcoats on the market which are chic in their own right.The one below which I invested in recently, really looks great no matter what you are wearing  underneath.  

The joy of wearing a great overcoat is being able to do the “big reveal” too. It seriously adds to the surprise for your special other when you take your coat off at your chosen destination and they can see the gorgeous outfit you have hidden underneath. 

For me, winter really is the time to hibernate, my grey marl lounge pants and soft jumpers become my staple and I love nothing more than being cuddled up warm at home watching series and being with those I love ❤️

Until next week take care, 

Keya X

Act your age, not your shoe size.

Good morning from a lovely spring day in London,

This weeks blog post is about how to look chic and on trend whatever age you are.

I think one of the biggest mistakes people make when they get older is when they find a shop they like as a young adult, they stick with it no matter how many years or life events pass. Believe me I would love to still be able to wear my little pleated kilts from River Island or one of my many outfits I adored from Kookai but I do not think my friends or colleagues would appreciate it now that I’m in my late twenties. 


Many of us are lucky enough as we get older and settled into our working lives to be able to afford to buy pieces that are timeless, pairing them with everyday basics from our beloved favourite stores like Gap, Uniqlo or Topshop. 

With my 30th birthday and entering a new decade fast approaching, I know I will stick with my tried and tested style of pairing beautiful classic items like that all important LBD, nude court shoes or a well fitted blazer and then mix and match my basics to create interesting new outfits every day. 


Into your forties, fifties and beyond in my opinion it is so important to dress for your shape and feel confident in whatever you wear. If you have problem areas like all of us, for example the top of your arms all it takes is a pashmina or cropped cardigan over a shift dress to keep you on trend but also feel comfortable. You can still wear clothes that are “in fashion” but after living a full life getting married, having an amazing career and bearing children you really do not need to be dressing like the latter to look current! What happened to the adage of with age comes wisdom? That wisdom can also be used to make great fashion choices. Great shops I like for the more mature person are definitely Massimo Dutti, Marks and Spencers and also you can find some great bargains in TK Maxx if you have a spare afternoon to browse the chaos 😀

 If you are smart about the investments you make in your early working years, those pieces will last until you are well into your excentric eighties. If in doubt, longer length dresses with a cute cap sleeve are effortlessly timeless, well tailored trousers are a wardrobe staple and those black leather peep toe shoes from Jimmy Choo which nearly gave you heart failure when you purchased them will go the distance I can assure you. The only difference being we may not be able to walk quite as far in them in twenty years time 😁


Until next week, take care 

Keya x

It’s all about the LBD

Good evening my fellow fashion fans,

I thought for today’s post I would dedicate it to the hardest working item I own in my wardrobe and its equally conscientious items in contention.

Personally I think every wonderful woman’s wardrobe should contain that all important crisp white shirt. It is that one item that as long as it has been washed with light colours (cue Daz commercial) and has not gone that awful grey hue (which has happened to all of us I know) always looks fresh, minimalist and clean. Either paired with a sassy pencil skirt or those incredible cigarette trousers which you have been flummoxed as to what to wear with so are banished at the back of your closet with the forgotten hair ties or odd socks. One of my favourite ways of styling my white shirt is as below 

I wore my Uniqlo slim fit shirt buttoned up underneath my fantabulous monochrome black and white blazer from Gap, skinny black trousers from Massimo Dutti and black laced up brogues from Dune. The red lipstick and smoky eye effect worked perfectly with the two tone ensemble.

One of my fail safe, last minute.com outfits of choice for that whimsical social event, swanky date with your partner or formal meeting at work would definitely be one of my array of Little Black Dresses (LBD). I just love how versatile they are – dressing it up with a sky high pair of stilettos and big jewellery or going casual with flat tasseled shoes and a nice jacket. 

On a recent night out I wore this outfit 

The dress is a vintage Italian lace one I bought on one of my many unplanned shopping trips, which I paired with my nude Christian Louboutins, my mini Chanel bag, a wonderful pair of chandelier earrings and my bespoke timepiece by Mont Blanc.

I would say if in doubt about how dressy to go for an event you are invited to, I always add layers of unique, eye catching trinkets around my wrists or wear a jewelled hair band which instantly adds the glam factor but also can be removed in a jiffy if you feel a bit too theatrical for the setting upon arrival 😀

My last tid bit of advice would be always just wear what you feel happy and comfortable in. If I am having a bad day, a bold lip colour and chic dress always cheer me up and sometimes those comfy slouchy sport luxe trousers and an oversized jumper are the smart and ONLY choice. Have fun with it, after all life is serious enough right? 

Until next week Keya x

Office wear – how smart/ casual can you go?

Good morning from a chilly day in London,

For this weeks entry I wanted to clear up the confusion surrounding the smart/ casual dress code in the workplace and also my staple pieces that I like to wear to the office.

In my industry Monday to Thursday we are instructed to wear smart dress. As I have quite a boyish, athletic figure I tend to steer towards fitted shift dresses with heels or tailored skinny trousers with buttoned up shirts and ankle boots at this time of year. One of my favourite dresses you can see me wearing below I find perfect for work as it is knee length, has an elegant neck line revealing the collarbone area which i think is very attractive on women and also I love wearing colourful patterns or block colours so this dress makes me smile whenever I wear it.

Office Wear

On cold days which are fairly frequent this time of year, I tend to wear fitted trousers, a shirt and blazer for work usually which looks formal but also i can make it my own by wearing statement jewellery or a nice belt. I have found that the best fit for trousers for me are from Pull and Bear. Recently when i was in Spain over New Year, I found a black pair that fit me like a glove, so perfect in fact that I preceded to buy five pairs in various materials and colours! I absolutely adore the tailored shirts from Uniqlo which again fit my wide swimmers shoulders perfectly and come in some wonderful pastel shades as spring is approaching. Even though I usually button my shirts up to the top, if you are worried about looking a tad masculine, a statement necklace over the top softens the look. In terms of blazers/ jackets I covet the styles emerging from Gap, Massimo Dutti or Zara which are all padded shoulders with nipped in waists reminding me of the power dressing, androgynous 80s era.

Blazer beautiful

I am extremely lucky on a Friday to be able to wear smart/ casual attire although surprisingly this causes me some distress. I find it harder to pick an outfit for Friday then I do the rest of the week as I am faced with the conundrum of how casual is “too” casual! I have my work week wardrobe which usually I can just fish something out with ease but Fridays is a bit trickier. Over the years I tend to stick to the adage of when in an office, it is best to be a bit too smart then too casual therefore ruling out football or rugby shirts and scruffy paint splattered jeans which you usually wear when decorating at the weekend! You really cannot go wrong wearing dark, well fitting jeans – my current favourites are the Levi skinny fit which are the perfect length for tucking in ankle boots and the dark denim imitates the look of trousers. I pair my jeans with one of my abundant selection of jumpers – I love the cable knit and cricket styles frequented in the Ralph Lauren and Jonathan Saunders catwalk shows. One of my fears when I first started wearing oversized jumpers was looking too “top heavy” but I counteract this by wearing a fitted leather jacket or cropped bomber. In my view it doesn’t get cuter then a flash of beautiful knit or cashmere from jacket cuffs merging wonderfully with a gorgeous pair of leather gloves.

I would say the final point with office dressing is learning the art of mix and matching. As much as we all would love to have an infinite wardrobe with a different outfit to wear every day this is not feasible for most of us. I find that investing in classic pieces like a well fitting jacket, pair of trousers or that ever faithful little black shift dress you can wear a different shirt or pair of shoes and it looks like a completely new ensemble. Whoops – I think i have just revealed my secret to my colleagues reading this – I wear something different every day i promise 🙂

Until next week, take care

Keya x