Shipment success 

Good day to you my jet setting jewels, 

The next step of my Aussie adventure unfolded just before Christmas when my long awaited shipment of personal effects arrived in Brisbane port. After 5 long, agonising months seeing those boxes stacked up in the room was enough to bring tears to my eyes. As I’m sure any of you have moved overseas will relate, you never quite feel settled until you are surrounded  with “your things” right? 

The next challenge was where on earth was I going to put all of these items, bearing in mind we recently had moved into a one bedroom apartment where storage is not known as a new build’s fortay. 

So after much huffing and standing with my hands on my hips procrastinating, I grudgingly opened the first box armed with my “keep” and “charity shop” piles. I was surprised to find the decision was made oh so easy as I found that some of my possessions which were perfect for the cool winter days and average temperature summers of London were completely inappropriate here. In the same breath, all of my beautiful summer dresses and easy, breezy shorts and vest combos were well needed after 5 months of rotating the same weeks worth of clothes! Also it is awesome to know that none of them can be found in shops close by – its always fun to be unique and quirky don’t you think 😀

Once my clothes piles were organised, I felt a huge sense of relief come over me that the mammoth task was actually a lot easier than I had expected. My new wardrobe in my apartment is still filled with my favourite items from home but are now just worn with a subtle twist. Those pencil shift dresses I usually paired with opaque tights and a cardie are now worn with bright coloured flats and coordinating sunglasses and those beautiful summer dresses are jazzed up with relaxed beachy waves in my hair and my rainbow selection of havaianas. 

One thing that definitely has not changed since my move is my love of pampering. Although I greatly miss my fave nail salon Gossip nails in my home town, I have managed to find a great nail place close to my home in the city who has a huge selection of shellac and OPI colours but the key difference is when I always used to go for deep burgundys or reds as it suited the London climate, now I can experiment more with cute pastels or bright shades I never dreamed I would be brave enough to try. 

One key learning factor for me being away from my things for so long I discovered, when they did eventually arrive I soon realised that you have to adapt to the environment you live in. Of course, I relish the days when I can unpack my big thick cable knit jumpers and over the knee boots when I spend frosty winters back home, but for now my new slimmed down wardrobe is easy, cool in the summer heat and also deep down I feel deeply grateful that the items I did take to the charity shop will be lovingly worn and admired by someone who perhaps needs them more than me right now. 

Although it’s great to have lots of beautiful, material things around us to make us feel as though we have achieved wealth and success in life, ultimately we live in a disposable world which constantly evolves and changes so we must go hence forth with it. Anyway, at the end of the day, material things are not coming with us when we leave this earth, but experiences and love of our families and friends will always be within us. 

Until next time, take care

Keya x

Nail Art – My Fascination

Good afternoon my manicured maidens,

For this weeks installment I thought I would delve into the fantastic world of nail art and the key to the perfect manicure.

Over the years I have frequented a number of nail salons but it wasn’t until I got recommended to my ONLY go to nail salon Gossip Nails that my obsession truly began. That was over two years ago now and I have not looked back since.

My nail technicians have pried me away from my usual nude polish and I am now experimenting with amazing colour combinations and nail art which has been awash (excuse the pun) all over the catwalks for countless seasons. 

It is so strange but for me, just as routine as it is to pick out an outfit for work each day or that special dress and heels combo for an night out, having my nails perfectly manicured has become as much part of my persona. I do not feel as though I am ready to go out unless my nails are painted.

In the last year I have switched to the mega brand of polish Shellac, which for me has been a life saver. I’m sure like a lot of women, I am so impatient in many aspects of my life but sitting with my hands under the dryer for regular polish to dry was literally like watching paint on a wall dry for me. Those ten or fifteen minutes felt like hours! Haha. 

The colour selection is amazing with a shade to suit even the most outlandish outfit, and it drys instantly. I am such a fan that over the last two years I have been a hand model for my salon at the annual Nailympics competition where the best nail artists in the world showcase their talent. In 2014 we finished in the top ten which was a great achievement and experience 😀 

I have even managed to convert a few of my closet girlfriends to give it a try. They still cannot believe you can have chip free, beautiful nails even after scrubbing that stubborn saucepan or doing the housework. Shellac makes your nails so much stronger also and can help even the most avid nail biters to be able to grow theirs out. 

 (Courtesy of Ali Jamieson) 
As the summer approaches, I am so excited to  try some of the new pastel mint and orange shades, which always complement that floral day dress or Fluoro bikini on that far flung holiday abroad.

My main tip for finding a good nail salon is to always read the reviews online. It is imperative that all equipment is thoroughly disinfected and sanitised in between clients and prices are clearly agreed upon before you begin the process. Nail art usually costs extra than the standard manicure as the amount of skill and effort to do it is incredible and a very niche talent. 

Although many of us can only dream of owning some of the amazing creations by our favourite designers, I love that having a manicure is relatively inexpensive and can still make you feel like a million dollars when you walk out of the shop. What’s not to love??

Until next week, take care

Keya x