Care in the community

Good day to my quarantined quenelles,

As I write this, like much of the world right now I am in self isolation at home due to the Corona virus pandemic which has rocked the world.

Although it is so great to have my nearest and dearest around me and safe in the knowledge that we have no symptoms, it is so heartbreaking to see the chaos this illness has caused and it’s only still in its most premature stage.

Videos of fights and disagreements online of people in supermarkets panic buying toilet rolls and tissues are terrible and even when we go to our local supermarket, the shelves are near enough empty. What is the world coming to when humanity are being disrespectful to the elderly or arguing with staff over the three item limit in shops. It is so upsetting.

Although there has been a lot of negativity in the press, the very best of humanity has been shown too however. The tireless employees in the medical profession who are working day and night for multiple days taking care of those confirmed positive cases and other good samaritans who are taking supplies to homes of the most at risk is amazing to witness and shows that we, as a nation will do whatever we always do in moments of crisis – we keep calm and carry on as best we can!

What with the current climate it just did not seem right to compose a fashion post this month, especially as people are house bound, so for now, I wish you and your families good health and to try to stay positive in this scary time. I will back hopefully shortly with some exciting new content.

Take care, until next time

Keya x

Balance is not just walking in stilettos.

Good morning to you my joyful jugglers of life,

I am sure if you are anything like me, from a young age it was drummed into you in magazines or on the television that you can be a woman who has it all – a high flying career, a beautiful family, a successful social life and for there to even be time to fit in an exercise class or two for good measure; I grew up wanting to be that kind of woman. For this months post however, I wanted to talk about Balance.


(All pictures courtesy of Google images)

As a woman of 32, I currently have a career that I receive a huge sense of satisfaction from although I feel is still in its earliest throes of progression. I have a wonderful handful of true girl friends who I have grown up and evolved with. The main difference now being our wild nights together consist of sharing a bottle of wine whilst putting the world to rights over a nice meal instead of coming home at 5am in last nights party frock. I have an amazing family who support me through the best, the worst and every other period in-between who mean the world to me. And last but certainly not least, I have a partner in my life who supports me in every challenge I face, who is my rock and makes me laugh and feel loved in a way that I did not even know was possible until now. And to top it off, after receiving my Spinning Instructor certification back in 2016, I also ensure I get some exercise classes thrown in each week too with me on the microphone 🙂

With all the positive elements of my life though, I too fall into the trap of not knowing how to juggle all of these things successfully at times. Are you nodding your head whilst reading this – its OK if you are! haha.


I often wonder to myself if one day we are unable to keep all of these proverbial balls in the air and one drops, what will actually HAPPEN? If we realize that we accidentally double booked a dinner date with a friend on the same day we already said we would go to visit your partners family – will we lose that friendship or cause an argument? The answer is usually no, but why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to appear to the outside world we have it all in order? And in all honesty if that was the outcome which came from those situations, the next question you would need to ask yourself is are you surrounding yourself with the right kind of people who deserve your love and time? Now that is a hard question to ask yourself believe me but sometimes the answer is so enlightening and empowering 🙂

Another trait of women statistically is we usually would not put ourselves forward for a new role at work unless we felt 100 percent certain we could carry out all of the tasks required whereas men tend to be more confident that they can learn the required responsibilities once already employed in the job. Why do we sometimes doubt our capabilities when we know that we are just as right for that role as our male counterpart? It all comes down to having self Confidence and Esteem. I have learnt only in the last few years that I AM good enough and even know you may not have the necessary experience in a particular industry, it will translate to another in many circumstances. Finding those commonalities will mean the sky really is the limit for you.


I will wholeheartedly raise my hands and say that I am a perfectionist in all areas of my life and I genuinely feel like super woman when I have managed to do a days work, taught an energetic spin class, cooked a healthy dinner, put a load of washing on and still managed to enjoy a relaxing glass of wine with my loved one before bedtime – but realistically not every day is like that. Some days, my only achievement is moving from my bed to the sofa and back again but with each passing year I have learnt that doing nothing is OK too.


Which brings me perfectly to the very subject of this post – Balance. Life will always inevitably get stressful, activity filled and chaotic which will only increase when children are thrown into the mix but as my wise parents often remind me Rome wasn’t built in a day and if you cant get all your washing done today – we have another 60 years hopefully of doing it so it really does not matter. Or if you realize with a heavy heart you haven’t seen your best friends for a month, just pick up the phone and give them a call – sometimes just hearing your voice and letting them know you are thinking about them is enough until you next can see each other for a catch up.

Life can be tough enough at times, so why add that additional pressure on yourself to try to do everything all of the time – kick back, relax and go for that impromptu dinner date or picnic in the park. The routine can wait until tomorrow 🙂


Until next time, take care

Keya x


Beauty from within

Good morning my picture perfect people, 

This weeks post I have decided to dedicate to the sustenance I put into my body which makes me feel at my strongest and healthiest. I really do feel that beauty starts from within and by eating and drinking the right things your hair, skin and body will benefit. 

With the amount of varied training activities I do and also studying sports science at college, I learnt early on what foods are beneficial to make me feel at my best. It seems every five minutes there is a new diet or slimming quick fix on the market but in my view eating a balanced, nutritional diet and regular exercise is the best way to keep my weight stable. 

Having said that, I am wholeheartedly interested in researching new “superfoods” ranging from chia seeds to primal pantry bars to almond butter. Our bodies get used to eating the same foods in our diets all the time so sometimes by changing a small element, this can help produce the results you have been craving. 

A few years ago, after having been ill and feeling lethargic more often than usual I went to see an allergy specialist as I had an inkling my body was rejecting dairy products. After being hooked up to the machine and tested for more than 150 foods and daily items ranging from dairy to dust it was confirmed I am intolerant to dairy and yeast items. At first I found the removal of normal cows milk from my system very tough – the first two weeks I felt extremely sick but I persevered, and now I honestly do not even miss it. I have grown to love my almond milk and dairy free products (even managing to find them when in Spain recently much to my amazement). With the additional healthy fats and vitamins in my diet I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin and my hair has gone from lacklustre to shiny and bouncy. 

I also religiously drink two litres or more a day of water. I find when I am dehydrated I get bad headaches so by drinking little and often throughout the day these are prevented and also I can train more effectively in the evenings. 

Since I began doing Crossfit I have become increasingly interested in the paleo diet which is a cave man approach to eating therefore no grains or processed foods (effectively only foods you could hunt or pick yourself are permitted). I have some amazing recipes from my wonderful friend (Follow her on Instagram for inspiration @Sue’s Cave). I now make my own breakfast granola and I have tried so many other delicious ideas she has created. It really keeps dinner time interesting and makes healthy foods actually taste delicious and fulfilling. 

I have often been described as being a smiley person and for me I just know that by following my own methods of nourishing my body, I finally feel healthy and happy on the inside which radiates on the outside too. Life is too short – let’s live it, enjoying the occasional treats (for me chocolate is my one true vice haha) and your infectious personality will project on those around you too no doubt. 

Until next week take care, Keya x