At one with nature

Good morning my outdoorsy owls, 

Last week I had such a wonderful time celebrating my brother and my mums birthday with indoor go karting sessions, brunch with the family and dinner in one of my favourite Italian restaurants.

Those who know me personally would likely agree that I am a huge fan of organising events and surprises. I think it is another of my secret passions along with all things fashion. My family and friends have always compared me to Monica from Friends (I would like to think I am a tad less shrill) 😊 For me, I just find the look on the intended persons face is priceless and it is a small token to show how much that person means to me.  

(Photo courtesy of google images)

All my life I have enjoyed running, with the wind against my face and the fresh air filling my lungs and as I’m getting older I really have started to enjoy being outdoors. Where I live I am so lucky to have Epping Forest at the end of my road, so my childhood  was filled with hours spent walking in my Barbour wellies and warm jumpers or scrambling through the trees on my mountain bike.


On Sunday I spent a wonderful few hours walking along a nature path which happened to be a disused railway track. I had no idea amongst the organic juice bars and health food shops, such a place existed. You could walk under the tree canopy for miles with the sunshine filtering through the treetops, it was the perfect Sunday activity. This is another reason why I love London, for its diversity. In amongst the high rise apartment buildings and office towers there will be a haven of luscious flowers and the greenest grass you will ever see, placed there as nature intended. (You can see how green England is when you are flying in from your summer holiday, that is how I know I am nearly home)


(Photo courtesy of Google images)

What continues to amaze me with my love of fashion is you can obtain inspiration in the unlikeliest of settings. Whether you are walking around a foreign city and the architecture reminds you of a structured leather skirt you must dig out when you get home or the smell of lavender when walking through Kew Gardens makes you reminisce about those stripy tights you used to wear on play dates at school. Fashion to me is not just items of clothing, my inspiration comes from all that is around me ❤️

Until next week, take care 

Keya X