Pastures anew

Good afternoon to you my warmer temperatures lovers,

First off, where have the last few months gone? Even though we have been in a near enough year long lockdown in the UK, the months have just flown by. I hope that you and your families are all safe and well wherever in the world you may be.

A lot has changed for me personally in the last few months. I am proud to say I am now a home owner (eek whoever would have of thought it) so it has been a whirlwind so far of renovations, paint getting into places that it shouldn’t and also some time to just enjoy being still and quiet in the garden.

Have any of you found during the pandemic you really struggled with feeling cooped up and not being able to be outside? We spent the whole of winter in a rented house without a garden and I can safely say now I cannot get enough of having a patch of turf to call my own!

I hope that in your own countries restrictions are also starting lift slightly? I cannot tell you how happy I was yesterday to be able to go and have my nails done. It isn’t even just the fact they look nice, it’s just so amazing to feel pampered and relaxed for that hour. I am not a huge make up person (mainly because I do not even know where to start with all of the blushers and eyeshadows) but I do like to have my eyebrows shaped and my hands and toes to be manicured. What is your pamper treat of choice?

I know for a lot of men at the moment the one thing they cannot wait to have is a haircut. There is only so much slicking back or wearing a cap a man can do, am I right? I have giggled so much seeing all the memes of home hair cuts going completely wrong. I am sure we all have thought I can use a pair of scissors how hard can it be, much to our dismay when it goes catastrophically wrong 😊

Have any of you managed to go out for a meal or for a drink in a pub beer garden yet also? I have managed to book a Sunday dinner this weekend in a pub garden and on the reservation it said to bring warm clothing as heaters are limited! I think we will be happy to go out in a beanie hat and scarf, as long as we can have food that we haven’t had to cook ourselves at the moment. Haha.

Whatever it is that you are most looking forward to about life getting back to some sense of normality, still remember to stay safe, look after each other and most importantly dress to impress at every occasion from now onwards.

No more jogging bottoms and messy buns – woohoo!

Until next time, take care

Keya x

The meaning of friendship 

Good day to you my heart of gold heroes, 

For this months post I really wanted to delve into the complex world of the strange, intimate and sometimes awkward human interaction fondly known as friendship. Moving to the other side of the world from those closest to me was one of the hardest decisions not only due to being away from my family but also being separated from my second “family” – my friends. 

(All images courtesy of google images)

Looking back at my life in my 31 years on this earth, it is staggering the amount of friendships I have maintained and lost over the years. When I was at school, I had a large groups of girl friends and we did everything together, I still remember fondly our prom night when we all went round to one of the girls houses and posed for photographs leaning against our rented limousine. We felt so special and grown up on that day. Although I am still close with that group of girls to this day through social media and if we bump into each other on the odd occasion, there is only one who is still my best friend to this day, 20 years on.

One of my other closest friends I actually met through a mutual male friend who both of us actually hardly talk to any longer but we’ve maintained a close connection still. We have countless stories of adventures across Europe and hilarious stories which only we share. 

Another I met through a running club I joined whilst living in South Africa when I was training for a marathon. It’s incredible to say we ran the race together and now that same friend has since got married and just had a baby with her loving partner. 

And last but not least, one of my other oldest friends I met at work and through sitting next to each other every day for three years (can you believe there wasn’t one argument) we’ve since been to Glastonbury, countless music festivals and laughed and cried more than some do in a lifetime together. 

It really warms my heart reminiscing about that handful of incredible, inspiring women in my life knowing that we still regularly keep in touch via the wonders of FaceTime, what’s app  and social media. Every time I see a message pop up from them, I get a small smile on my face knowing they are thinking of me as I am them everyday. 

And then having moved here, I already had some fully formed friendships with people I had met in London who are originally from Oz or friends from back home who have since emigrated so I felt like I wasn’t completely alone from the outset. 

One valuable lesson I have learnt as I’ve got older though is even if you have an amazingly supportive family, significant partner or a social calendar like the queen bee, I need to have friends in my life. From something as trivial as helping you decide what nail colour to pick at the weekend to whether you should apply for that dream job, to crying over an argument or just laughing about inside jokes until your stomach hurts, that is something that makes me whole.

If you are anything like me, you would like to have it all – the stellar career, the show worthy home, to be surrounded by people who love and respect you, to be a great parent, to be a good friend and be an upstanding member of society. Having all of this though, does not equate to having a lot of free time so that is why we are so much more selective with who we spend this time with. Friendships should be two sided, and the minute one side is slipping, it can be really hard to get back to where you once were. The hard fact of it is though, it’s all part of the circle of our adult life and I actually applaud it. 

With every fibre of my being, I love, respect and admire all of the amazing people in my life and even if you have only one truly incredible person who you know has your back, then the sun will always shine on you every day for the rest of your life. Human interaction is what keeps us humble and I cannot get enough of it ❤️

Until next time, take care

keya x

Work smarter, not harder

Good evening my whimsical workaholics, 

I have been thinking a lot since the Christmas break about future post ideas and where I want to take my blog in 2016. I still have to pinch myself that I have so many of you wonderful people who follow the ramblings of my overexcited brain every week but to repay you I want to make sure you are enjoying the content and any recommendations about topics you would like me to cover would be received with open arms. These brainstorming sessions have proved fruitful and inspiring and I cannot wait to share them with you over the next few months. 


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As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, from a young age I have always had a passion for fashion and I always dreamed of turning that passion into my profession. As a teenager at school, whenever I saw pictures of the highly anticipated shows at the current fashion capitals location whether it be in Paris, Milan or London, I loved going off into my own little world armed with my notepad and pen, writing my own review of the shows, imagining I was sitting there on the front row watching the models sashaying down the runway in front of me. 

Although I didn’t manage to get into the university I wanted so desperately to be accepted into, I never lost my ambition or love of fashion journalism.I am a huge believer in fate and after deciding to take a year out to work with the hope of reapplying the following year, I started working in the Oil and Gas industry. 

Fast forward eleven years and I can still say with every ounce of my being I LOVE what I do. I have been lucky enough to have been able to travel to many far flung places around the world – ( what other 21 year old can say they worked and lived in Uganda for three months and South Africa for two years following that). The sense of achievement and happiness I get after completing a project or seeing the floating production subsea vessel set sail has not waned at all and I still feel as though I have so much to learn within the industry. 

I am also a huge believer that as human beings we were put on this earth to continuously evolve and push ourselves out of our comfort zones. Last year I was esctatic to receive my QCF qualification certificate that I started back in 2014 which has broadened my knowledge within my discipline at work. It was tough to complete on top of my day to day job, training for a triathlon and writing this blog each week but I am conscientious and will always aspire to give my all to every task I set myself. 

What I have really learned however as I get older is that you are never too old to follow your dreams. Even if you are 30 or 40 and unhappy in your chosen career or just need a creative outlet on the side there really is nothing stopping you from going out and doing it. I will shyly admit you that I was petrified to start my blog as I was worried no one was going read it or that I wasn’t educated enough in the field to contribute but a year in, it seriously is my best achievement in my working life to date. It has been such a purgative experience for me writing each week sharing my opinion of what works for me in my wardrobe or in life in the hope it can also inspire you to find your “look” or “way”. It really isn’t about the follower stats for me, it is about doing something that is part of ME and makes me happy.What is to stop you from waking up tomorrow and saying to yourself “today is the beginning of the rest of my life” 

Reach for the stars 😀

Until next week, take care

Keya X