Lockdown reflection

Good day to you my lockdown lovelies,

Firstly, I sincerely apologise for my lack of posts in the last six months, I know – can you believe itโ€™s been six months already – we are already into Autumn of 2020.

I just felt what with all of the devastation the pandemic has caused (and still causing sadly), it was insensitive to be writing about Fashion or lifestyle when letโ€™s face it, if you are like me youโ€™ve lived in shorts, t shirts and a messy bun whilst working from home all summer anyway.

But, I can assure you I have not forgotten about my lovely readers and I have genuinely missed bringing you all thought provoking content each month. I sincerely hope you and your families are keeping safe and well in these troubling times.

For this months post though I wanted to open up the floor to you. What has been the biggest challenges for you during these last few months? Has it been not being able to visit elderly grandparents or relatives, parents or siblings? Has it been getting all the way to the supermarket, only to realise you left your face covering at home? Overuse of hand sanitiser or face coverings leaving your faces and hands bruised and chapped? Has it been the daily pandemic update on the news causing you worry or stress? Or was it, trying to think of creative ways to entertain your children whilst we were all forced to stay at home? Perhaps it was all of the above?

I can completely understand why there has been a huge spike in individuals suffering with their mental health or feeling worried about how to keep their loved ones safe? But in all of this, one really positive side I have seen is how some of the best side of humanity has also been shown. The sheer scale of people donating home made face shields, the amount of money raised by everyday people in support and the clap for the NHS on a Thursday evening was an incredible, albeit small part of the display.

Have you thought about what little things you can do to make yourself feel good in these times though? We have recently moved into a new home in the rural countryside and for me, my simple pleasures have been going for a jog around the country lanes or at the weekend putting on a little mascara or a pair of jeans just to make it feel a little different from every other day!

Your health inside and out depends on these daily little acts of kindness to YOU! Giving yourself that pamper night – painting your nails or relaxing in a hot, Himalayan salt bath, calling your best friend to have a catch up about normal things or even having a great, big belly laugh at a silly movie curled up under a blanket with some popcorn. Try it, you will be amazed at how you feel ๐Ÿ˜Š

Until next time, keep well and stay healthy.

Keya x

New Year, not New You.

Good day to you my raring to go readers,

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas break with your families and a very Happy New Year. As always, I would love to thank you for taking the time to subscribe and read these posts each month and welcome to the newย  joiners, your support is greatly appreciated and I am so grateful to have this platform to explore my creative writing with each blog.


With the emergence of the new decade upon us, I have been thinking a lot about the notion of setting New Years resolutions. I am not sure about you but I find that each year a small sense of doom overcomes me as the last few days of December pass by, at the thought of making a resolution that I can actually stick to and not sabotage by the end of January (the usual things like giving up chocolate – I mean really, I had no chance) or not being such a sucker when it comes to a fashion bargain.ย  Its just not a nice feeling that you have failed at something already in the first month of the New Year.

I am sure you have seen on social media and on advertising campaigns, the slogan ‘New Year, New Me’ with companies promising their new wonder products can help you reach that dress size you have always dreamed of or have that glossy, shiny hair that we see on models in magazines but all that crosses my mind is, should there be a new me – what is so fundamentally wrong with the version that was left behind in 2019?

I wholeheartedly agree that if you have your heart set on perhaps quitting smoking or to get out in the great outdoors and lead a healthier lifestyle then that is a great goal to set yourself and sometimes we need a milestone like the 1st of January to break old habits but it pains me to think that people will be feeling really rubbish about themselves if they have a little slip up. Life is genuinely challenging enough, try not to put that added pressure on yourself also!

So personally this year, I have set myself a new goal NOT a resolution for 2020 and that is to just BE PRESENT. By this I mean, as adults we are always subconsciously worrying about or making plans for what is to come in the future or regrets from the past, we tend to lose sight of what is in front of us right now, being in the moment. We forget to take a second to revel in the sights, sounds, colours and variety in the world around us and that is a very sad thing to think of in my opinion.

Whatever New Years aspirations you have set in your own lives for 2020, just remember that we only get one life, so make memories, spend time with loved ones and friends, travel to those bucket list destinations or invest in that statement winter coat – just LIVE it to the fullest.


Until next time, take care

Keya x





Social media – help or hindrance to our own true happiness?

Good evening to you my enthusiastic e-readers,

For this months post, I really wanted to dig deeper into the evolution of social media and to try to fathom if the backlash towards its exaggerated ideal of perfection is warranted.

(All images courtesy of google images)

I myself was rather a late bloomer when it came to signing up to social media. During my early twenties, I was lucky enough to live overseas in Spain for my summer holiday during college and although friends back home were cottoning on, I still was too busy making memories in the real world to think about setting up a page.

It was only after moving back home to my parents after a particularly tough breakup and finding myself with a significantly reduced group of friends that I took the plunge and set up a Facebook account. Within a few weeks, one of my first ever friends from school had reached out to me and we had rekindled an amazing friendship which nearly 22 years later still is stronger than ever. I owe that to Facebook and it’s amazing power of connecting people for sure.

Over the years of working and living in multiple countries which has been an adventure I cherish forever, Facebook and Instagram really has made the world seem so much smaller. Seeing friends celebrating massive achievements like getting married, earning a promotion or having children fills me with so much joy as if it wasn’t for these platforms it would make it so much harder to keep in touch.

But like everything we do, there are of course negative outcomes of living our lives online. If you ask yourself honestly, the last concert or music festival you went to – how many photos, videos, selfies or check in’s did you do? Haha it’s ok I know it’s scary to admit but we ALL are guilty of recording our favourite song in a live show or tagging ourselves with our friends in front of the stage. It’s as if to prove we were really there. I often wonder however, by doing this, are we actually missing the true magic of the experience by watching it through our smartphone screens instead of just using our own eyes?

Another thing that I definitely am guilty of as I am sure we all do, is I tend to only put up a post when I am doing something fun or interesting – whether it being celebrating a friends birthday, seeing my favourite DJ or going “out out”. Honestly who would want to hear about how I’ve just washed my hair or put on a face mask – we try to show the “perfect” side of our lives in the hope of appearing more popular, fun, sociable or just plain cool. I admit that sometimes when I’m scrolling through Instagram and I see these flawless people with amazing bodies, heaps of friends and jetting off all the time to luxurious destinations I do get a pang of jealousy. I think for me though, I just always think back to the notion of we all are portraying our best selves and we should be supporting not criticising each other in this world – there is enough sadness around us already.

Ultimately for me, I have my real life, my real family and friends who know and love ME for who I am and I also then have my incredible social media network which has opened up my eyes to all of you, my lovely followers and has forged some lasting connections for me because of it. There are pros and cons to everything we do in our lives, whether it be the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the life choices we make but as long as we approach the Internet with the respect and integrity it deserves then carry on connecting people and stay HAPPY!

Until next time,

Take care

Keya x

The green eyed monster

Happy Friday to my wonderful followers, 

I realise I am breaking the norm with a second post this week but I feel like the topic that has been playing on my mind over the last few days is an important one. 

I am so torn about my feelings towards social media and technology. On the one hand, I think it’s an ingenious way of keeping in touch with friends and family around the world and also I wouldn’t be able to bring my blog to you every week if it wasn’t for the Internet, but on the other it can be so alienating. Aimlessly flicking through Facebook or Instagram in a spare 5 minutes during the day can make you feel not thin, successful or fashionable enough – as though other people’s lives seem so much more interesting than your own. It can make you seem so small and insignificant against our peers, as though our handful of “real” friends can not compare to those with a million followers online. 

The thing is with social media, it really is the best version of people’s lives you are seeing on your newsfeed – we aren’t interested in pictures of us sans makeup in a onesie doing the school run or the daily commute to your 9-5, we only post pictures of that marathon we completed, that amazing restaurant we visited or those new Louboutins we just had to buy which are what bring in the followers or likes. It is like a virtual form of acceptance when you see someone’s nice comment or smiley face emoticon flash up on your smart phone. 

We all are guilty of posting beautiful pictures of wish you were here holiday locations or that new must have Chanel bag we secretly saved for a year to buy because that is what is deemed cool by our tech savvy generation. 

I think for me, I just had a realisation today whilst talking to one of my closest friends that it is so easy to feel a sense of jealousy or resentment towards what we are subjected to online. I know now though that although I may not have super model long legs or own the most expensive collection of Birkin bags, I AM successful in my own right and I feel so lucky to have the most amazing support network of family and friends around me which truly is priceless.
Let me ask you this – when was the last time you asked your partner, best friend or colleague what they think is your best quality? We feel that we are defined but what we look like, the car we drive or if we are a home or business owner but I can guarantee their answer will be your radiant smile, your compassion towards others who are less fortunate, your business ethics or your ability to give the best hugs that they will treasure having you in their lives for.

As a working nearly 30 year old woman, I really feel like the world is my oyster. Like all of us, I feel insecure sometimes or as though I can’t do things but you just have to close your eyes and tell yourself you CAN – you will never regret trying and not succeeding, instead of not trying at all. 
Be the best version of YOU ๐Ÿ˜€

  Until next week, take care
Keya X

The social network

Good day my popular butterflies,

This weeks post I have decided to discuss how fashion has become so readily available with the emergence of social media and the Internet and what key pieces you could add to your existing wardrobe each season. 

I am so pleased and slightly relieved that I did not spend my teenage years with access to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Those hormonal angst years of getting the bus to go shopping  with my friends or going to under 18 foam parties are best left with no photographic evidence! ๐Ÿ˜€ Even in my early 20’s when Facebook became the “in”thing with my peers, I held my ground and didn’t sign up to it. Eventually after a few years when I moved back to my home town, with still some hesitation I set up a page and got back in contact with some of my best friends from school which was lovely.The below picture was one of my first profile pictures from 2009 – funnily enough I still have that leather jacket! It’s one of my favourites.


There are definitely some plus points to social media too. I do love how connected you are, especially with friends who live in all corners of the world. It especially amazes me how I feel as though I know family members who live as far afield as New Zealand who I haven’t met in person. The application is amazing for that ๐Ÿ˜€

I remember when I was growing up how I longed for the end of the month when my pocket money from my part time job would go towards buying my favourite magazines. I would pour over them from cover to cover assessing what trends I already had in my wardrobe or what I needed to go and purchase to add to my collection. The process of which wouldn’t be a few clicks on an online store to order it, I had to physically venture into a shop, see if they had the item I coveted and crossed my fingers it would suit me! 

Nowadays it seems fashion is so fast paced and disposable at times. A style may grace a movie star or a TV personality on the red carpet and then within a matter of days it is in the high street stores at a fraction of the price. Before you know it that style is “out” and the next trend has emerged.

With the onslaught of fashion bloggers, you tubers and social media tycoons on the scene, entire collections from fashion weeks around the world are showcased before the clothes even hit the stores . One example which springs to mind is the new Moschino collection. The logo was emblazoned on everything from belts, to shoes to necklaces and it filled every weekly gossip magazine with famous faces getting in on the look. 

(Image courtesy of google images)

For this very reason, I tend to rather invest  in classic pieces which are timeless and never go out of fashion. I love my Burberry Mac which I’ve had for around 10 years, it comes out every year and still looks effortlessly chic. It’s the same for my leather biker jacket. I’ve had that since I was 16 and although it is getting slightly  worn on the shoulders now I still love it as much and the day I bought it. If you like to keep on top of the current styles, there are some great bargains to be had on the high street, Mango is particularly current and I’ve managed to find some amazing fitting skinny high rise and wet look jeans in there.

With fast fashion you don’t want purchases to break the bank, you may as well have one key item from each season whether it be a clutch bag or a pair of shoes then spending out on a head to toe look which will be old news a month later ๐Ÿ˜€ 

Happy shopping

Until next week, take care 

Keya x