Print party

Hello my pattern loving people,

As far back as I can remember I have always relished wearing bright colours and bold prints. On a dreary day there is nothing better to put a spring in your step than to wear something radiant. For today’s post I am going to delve back into my archives to show you some of my favourite print outfits and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe. 

The above picture was taken when I was working overseas in Cape Town, I am partial to a stripe especially Breton  (those closest to me will definitely agree) and I just loved the candy colours of this dress. It is perfect for a night out or even with a cardigan for work.   

 The above dress I wore whilst on holiday in Sicily. I love how the white accents set off my tan beautifully and the Aztec pattern flattered my athletic frame. I wore this dress with stilletto heels and a clutch bag for that evening but it would look just as nice with a pair of gladiator sandals and a tan suede bucket bag in a more casual setting. 

This outfit I wore whilst learning how to surf in Bali. It actually is a bikini coverall but the pastel colours are so beautiful you could totally wear it around town also during the day. This style of dress is perfect to take on vacation as it is super lightweight to optimise the space in your suitcase and can be worn over any colour bikini – excellent mix and match potential 😀

Ahh how I loved wearing this flamingo print navy and cobalt blue dress whilst I was in Venice. It was ideal for lazy wanderings taking in the sights in the sunshine. I paired it with a cross body bag and sandals but this outfit would equally work with peep toe court shoes and a tote bag for work. 

This tie die inspired floaty dress was wonderfully received whilst in Positano. The spaghetti straps and deep V neck suit my wide shoulders and flatter chest and the longer length kept it a bit more appropriate and classic for a fine dining restaurant. I paired it with black suede wedges and an Alice band in my hair.

If you have ever wondered how to do print for an social occasion like a wedding or a black tie event, hopefully the above look will give you some inspiration. I loved this champagne coloured dress with a lace overlay. The panelling on the sides were slimming and the wider straps can flatter either a broad frame or a larger bust. My peep toe Louboutins and my Chanel evening bag were the perfect finishing touches.

As you can see there are so many ways to inject some colour and print into your own everyday wardrobe – you can either start with just one bold piece and build it up from there or be like me and just wear everything together – who doesn’t love rainbows right?? 😁 

Just a quick note, from this week going forward rather than do a post each week I am going to extend it to every fortnight now. I just want to ensure I can write thought provoking, interesting pieces and having an extra week will give me a chance to achieve that. Watch this space for more exclusive interviews, my style inspirations and just my usual silliness! 

Take care and talk soon

Keya X

Summer celebrations 

Good day to my sizzling superstars, 

This weeks post I have decided to dedicate to dressing for special occasions in the summer. This past weekend I was elated to have attended one of my friends beautiful weddings. As I awoke on Saturday, the sun was pouring through my window and I knew it was going to be the perfect day. Both the bride and groom looked stunning, I loved the shock contrast of the brides traditional dress to the shock of cobalt blue feathered shoes peeking out from under the hem. As the sunlight faded, the garden reception came alive with twinkly fairy lights and incense burning in the background. It truly was magical 😀 

  I chose to wear a shorter dress that reached just above my knee as I thought it was more appropriate for a a garden reception and also kept me cool in the balmy afternoon. Even though there was some embellishment detail on the shoulder which is usually banished to night-time,  it is acceptable during the day for such occasions and the burnt orange and red tones really set off my tanned complexion. I wore my Valentino stilettos and I used my Michael Kors clutch bag to accessorise. 
One year I attended Ascot ladies day that happened to fall on my birthday weekend in June. As I knew I would be going out in the evening I wanted an outfit that would be smart enough for the strict rules of Ascot but also would carry me through for an evening on the town. 


 I chose this monochrome dress as the capped sleeves made it appropriate for the setting whilst the large bow peekaboo back made it more fun for the impending evenings festivities. I wore a feather headband and laced up espadrilles during the day as I knew I would be walking across manicured lawns all day which I later switched for heels in the evening. 
Last year I was in South Africa for New Year. As December is summer time there, I knew I needed to find a dress that would kept me comfortable and collect r but also looked special enough for the chic night at Club 31 I was attending.

I wore the above navy vintage lace dress which I paired with my Valentino tan stilettos and red lipstick to accentuate. The subtle sequin detailing and V neck style flattered my figure and also really sparkled under the bright lights in the venue. 

One summer I also attended a masquerade party. As I knew my eyes would be covered with my mask, I really wanted my dress and shoes to show my individuality so I found the most perfect dress below.

I fell in love with the way the large discs on the dress moved as I danced and the colours really looked amazing when I went outside. As the dress was the main event, I paired it with a simple pair of strappy black stillettos and my black Chanel bag. 

My advice for summer occasions is to always enquire about the venue. I learnt the hard way this weekend when I wore my stiletto shoes to the wedding. As the reception was in a garden setting, my heels kept sinking in the lawn or were unstable on the pavement. Ideally wedge shoes would have been more appropriate but I guess we live and learn 😀 I would also suggest that even though you leave the house when it is a beautiful warm day, as dusk sets in, it can become a tad chilly so always try to take a pashmina or light cardigan with you that you can throw over your shoulders as the warmth begins to fade. 

When any of us organise a special celebration, we wish for perfect weather when the date arrives. In this city, if that does occur then I would honestly make the most of it, be brave with your light pastel colour dresses, delicate sandals and tropical nail polishes. After all, who isn’t happy when the sun has its hat on ☀️

Until next week, take care 

Keya x