Barely there – underwear

Following on somewhat from last weeks post, I thought for this weeks post I would delve into the lucrative lingerie world and show how a great matching underwear set can make you feel just as special as wearing that ever fashionable little black dress.

For me personally, I remember the day like it was yesterday that my mum took me to Tammy girl (I am sure most women my age will remember that shop) to get my first bra as a teenager. It was both one of the most excruciatingly embarassing and exciting days of my adolescent life. Not particularly because anyone would be seeing it apart from me (and the whole changing room during PE) but I just felt like I had reached a milestone moment and was on my way to becoming a fully fledged adult. 

As I’ve got older, my taste has matured to more classic styles but one thing that has stuck with me is the importantance of a matching underwear set. I think this stems from my mum saying to me growing up “just because only you see it on a daily basis, you never know if something happens and you have to go to hospital you wouldn’t want to be mortified to be seen in your greying bra and mismatched knickers”!Haha. 

As I have an athletic physique, I tend to steer towards some of the amazing racer back or underwired support bras on the market which suit my frame. On my bottom half as I am usually either in Lycra work out pants or fitted shift dresses for work, I tend to stick to seam free, low rise knickers which are both comfortable and leave me with a nice silhouette under my clothes. 

One of my favourite stockists for everyday twin sets are Marks and Spencer’s in the UK (Woolworths in South Africa) – they have a wide variety of styles available and I particularly like the revamp they have had recently with the supermodel Rosie Huntington Whiteleys range (my guilty pleasure for sure.) For something a little more spectacular should the occasion arise, Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Agent Provocateur and La Perla are my go to brands. You really can’t beat their soft lace black twin sets or bodies πŸ˜€

With the emergence of the underwear as outerwear trend, beautiful lingerie can now be admired by all and not just kept hidden under our voluminous layers. Why not invest in one of the amazing camisole or slip dresses from Calvin Klein or Triumph  – it will look wonderful worn with a fabulous pair of over the knee suede boots, stockings and a shearling jacket this Autumn. 

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Happy hosiery and luscious lingerie hunting.

Until next week

Take care

Keya X

Model mania

Good morning my long legged legions,

With the recent announcement of the Brazilian bombshell supermodel Gisele Bundchen retiring from the modelling industry, this weeks post I have decided to dedicate to my favourite models growing up. 

As I am a late 80s baby, I grew up looking up to and admiring the regally tall, beautiful supermodels of the 1990s. In this era there was the introduction of the first black skinned supermodel Naomi Campbell. She walked countless catwalk shows and graced all of the top glossy magazines covers (of course my favourite of all being Vogue) What I loved about her though was her fearless determination to succeed. The defining moment for me which cemented my adoration of her was in the Viviene Westwood show when she stumbled in an impossibly high pair of platforms. That would be any women’s biggest fear when wearing heels but she just laughed and carried on. She is such a strong charactered woman 😊

Another of my favourites from that time was the blonde, blue eyed German beauty Claudia Schiffer. Her strong features and pale skin just transferred wonderfully onto the camera. I remember her mostly from the Guess jeans adverts – that was always one of my dreams growing up to one day be a Guess girl πŸ˜€

To this day my all time favourite supermodel is the amazing Kate Moss. This British babe is the epitome of “off duty” model dressing. She looks just as good on camera as she does being papped walking along Oxford Street. The first time I saw her in a magazine I remember looking at her elfish tiny face and slim frame in a high fashion editorial shoot on Fashion TV and I knew then that I wanted to learn all I could about the various fashion models, photographers and stylists as well as the designers. The clothes cannot display themselves and this was one aspect of fashion that I just revelled in. 

As I have grown into a young woman, the new breed of supermodel is ever evolving. One thing I have noticed is there has been a invasion of models from Brazil on the catwalk. It isn’t hard to see why, with their chestnut honey coloured sun bleached locks, tanned lithe beach bodies and incredible complexions. The most popular catwalk show each year is without a doubt the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. It truly is a spectacle to be seen with models sashaying down the runway in bejewelled wings, lavish lingerie, sexy Santas outfits and a bra costing $1 million! 

For me, fashion is such a diverse industry and is constantly changing and evolving. I have noticed with each passing year I grow a new level of respect and admiration for what designers are bringing to the catwalks each season. I know that designers need models to showcase their visions but the rise of the internationally known supermodel brand is on the incline due to social media and reality tv shows. 

Also, in all honesty (myself included) I would say 99% of women (and men) will happily turn their hallway at home into a runway when they want to show their loved ones a new outfit or that amazing dress they have purchased for a black tie event. Who doesn’t want to pretend to be our own supermodel on the catwalk of life after allπŸ˜€

Until next week, take care 

Keya X