Beauty from within

Good morning my picture perfect people, 

This weeks post I have decided to dedicate to the sustenance I put into my body which makes me feel at my strongest and healthiest. I really do feel that beauty starts from within and by eating and drinking the right things your hair, skin and body will benefit. 

With the amount of varied training activities I do and also studying sports science at college, I learnt early on what foods are beneficial to make me feel at my best. It seems every five minutes there is a new diet or slimming quick fix on the market but in my view eating a balanced, nutritional diet and regular exercise is the best way to keep my weight stable. 

Having said that, I am wholeheartedly interested in researching new “superfoods” ranging from chia seeds to primal pantry bars to almond butter. Our bodies get used to eating the same foods in our diets all the time so sometimes by changing a small element, this can help produce the results you have been craving. 

A few years ago, after having been ill and feeling lethargic more often than usual I went to see an allergy specialist as I had an inkling my body was rejecting dairy products. After being hooked up to the machine and tested for more than 150 foods and daily items ranging from dairy to dust it was confirmed I am intolerant to dairy and yeast items. At first I found the removal of normal cows milk from my system very tough – the first two weeks I felt extremely sick but I persevered, and now I honestly do not even miss it. I have grown to love my almond milk and dairy free products (even managing to find them when in Spain recently much to my amazement). With the additional healthy fats and vitamins in my diet I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin and my hair has gone from lacklustre to shiny and bouncy. 

I also religiously drink two litres or more a day of water. I find when I am dehydrated I get bad headaches so by drinking little and often throughout the day these are prevented and also I can train more effectively in the evenings. 

Since I began doing Crossfit I have become increasingly interested in the paleo diet which is a cave man approach to eating therefore no grains or processed foods (effectively only foods you could hunt or pick yourself are permitted). I have some amazing recipes from my wonderful friend (Follow her on Instagram for inspiration @Sue’s Cave). I now make my own breakfast granola and I have tried so many other delicious ideas she has created. It really keeps dinner time interesting and makes healthy foods actually taste delicious and fulfilling. 

I have often been described as being a smiley person and for me I just know that by following my own methods of nourishing my body, I finally feel healthy and happy on the inside which radiates on the outside too. Life is too short – let’s live it, enjoying the occasional treats (for me chocolate is my one true vice haha) and your infectious personality will project on those around you too no doubt. 

Until next week take care, Keya x

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