Dashing Dublin

Good morning my Irish idiosyncrasies, 

This past weekend I was in Dublin celebrating my friends 30th birthday with nine of my girlfriends. It was my first time visiting this part of Ireland so for this weeks post I thought I would delve into the parts of this city which made it so magical for me. 

We were so relieved to find that although a tad chilly, we had blue skies and sunshine for the entire weekend. The view from the love lock bridge over the river Liffey was wonderful and it was sweet to read all the personal messages on the locks. 

One of the highlights of our trip was our visit to the Guiness Brewery. We were fascinated learning the technique used to make the perfect pint and at the end of the tour I finally managed to try my first sip. (Much to my amazement I actually quite liked it by the end of the pint glass. Haha) I thought I would coordinate my outfit for the day with the tipple of choice wearing my black and white polka dot shirt, dark denim and leather converse below. 

On our numerous walking tours around the city we saw some beautiful traditional Irish pubs. I loved learning of their histories and was amazed at how old some of them were. I can only begin to imagine what Dublin must have been like back in those days. In the pub below we warmed ourselves by drinking Irish coffee and we chatted to the bar maid about where to go for a good night on the town. 

Another peculiar thing we noticed was a lot of the shops and pubs were decorated to the max with Halloween trinkets and ghouls. (I wholeheartedly admit some of which gave me the creeps especially the clowns and chuckie figures.) We were flummoxed as to why the festivities were in full swing already even though Halloween isn’t until the end of October. I guess if they are fans of fancy dress and decorations though,  why not make it last the whole month. I definitely got some inspirations for my own Halloween costume.  

On Saturday night we were told the best place to venture to for a night out was Grafton street. We went to a few different bars and then ended up in a club called D Two which was a lot of fun. I decided to go for a chic LBD for our night out which I paired with my super high Jimmy Choos and my Chanel clutch. 

Looking back at all of our wonderful photos, it makes me smile to think of the memories we made in Dublin. The people made us feel immediately at home. I loved seeing the street styles in the shopping district also, it’s amazing how it differs from London. Incredible what an hours flight can do fashion wise hey! 

Thank you Dublin for  your “céad míle fáilte”

Until next week

Take care, Keya X

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